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A Buyer’s Guide to Key FOB Entry Systems

Posted on June 22, 2021

If you've ever been to a hotel, you've almost certainly used a key fob entry system to gain access to your room.

Key fob access control systems, which have replaced the classic lock and key, are an integral part of any business security system since it allows authorized individuals to enter and exit facilities while keeping intruders out.

One of the most important aspects of commercial security nowadays is controlling access to your building, and commercial key fob door entry systems provide you with a new and improved way to keep your business, employees, and visitors safe.

In this article, we will take a look at what key fob entry systems are, how they work, the benefits they provide, and how to choose the right key fob access control system for your business.

Keep reading below to learn more and find out how Action 1st can help improve your access control solutions.

What is a Key FOB Access System?

Access control allows only authorized individuals to enter while keeping unauthorized individuals out. Building entrance and exit points, parking spaces, server rooms, storerooms, and any other facilities that need to be secure from potential intrusion and theft can all benefit from access control.

Electronic access control systems such as key fob access control systems are used to govern access in and out of facilities.

Electronic credentials such as key fobs allow authorized individuals to unlock doors and gain access to company data. Key fob access systems are a popular access control solution for industrial facilities, medical facilities, and businesses of all kinds. 

Access control systems that use key fobs and cards provide a simple solution for small enterprises to manage entry into their facilities. They're becoming more popular because of their ease of use and customizability, which allows business owners to control who has access to which doors, view entry and exit records, and adjust access when their workforce changes.

Key fobs serve the same purpose as traditional keys, but with the added benefit of convenience, reporting, security and do away with the need to wiggle a metal key around in a lock by just holding or waving the fob over the reader.

How Does a Key FOB System Work?

Knowing the basics of how access control systems function can help you decide which access control system to purchase. Four components are required for key card systems:

  • Access credentials
  • Access reader
  • Access control panel
  • Electronic door lock

Key fobs come with a built-in chip or sensor that is used to authorize a user’s credentials and unlock doors or gain access to specific company data if the credentials are legitimate.

When the key fob is waved or placed next to the access reader, the latter analyzes the code, compares it to a database of authenticated users on the server to validate their identification, and sends the information to a controller.

The controller analyzes the received credentials and compares them with its database and, depending on the match type, sends a signal to the electronic lock. When there is a positive match, access is permitted by remotely unlocking the door—when there is no match, access is prohibited.

3 Benefits of Key FOB Entry Systems

Here are three benefits that businesses gain when switching to key fob entry systems.


Allowing a new team member into the building might be as simple as entering their information into the system or creating a code. Not only that, but it’s also considerably easier to tap a key fob against a reader than it is to fumble with a key.

Easy Administrative Work

If a resident loses a key fob, instead of changing the entire lock, you can easily deactivate that key fob individually.


A key fob entry system provides you with more control over who has access to specific areas of your building and data pertaining to your business.

They can also tell you who is coming in and going out of the building.

How to Know What Key FOB to Buy?

The first step in selecting a key fob access control system is determining which type of system best suits your company’s needs.

You should also think about if you want only fobs or maybe a keypad. Also, is a cloud-based system a good fit for your needs? The next step is to figure out which features are essential and which you can do without.

When selecting a key fob entry system for your office or business, keep the following factors in mind.


Think about which integrations you'll require. Many individuals prefer their door locks to be compatible with existing software or equipment that might be updated in the future.

Consider whether the lock has to be connected to a security system or video surveillance systems, cameras, alarms, and other devices.


Another key factor is durability. Because the lock and reader may be outside, it will be vulnerable to weather and vandalism.

Check to see if the lock and reader is waterproof, cold-proof, heat resistant and if it comes with any form of guarantee against vandalism damage.


The cost of a key fob entry system is largely determined by the system’s functionality, features, connectivity, and equipment, as well as the number of doors this will be installed on.

Consider using low-frequency key fobs to save money on installation, as these key fobs are the most affordable. However, they face potential security risks, as well as substantial operating costs associated with replacing lost or stolen cards.

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Key fob access control systems are one of the best ways to get peace of mind when it comes to securing your business and the building's occupants.

The type of key fob access control systems you use will mostly be determined by preference and how secure or convenient you want the entries and exits of your business to be. Making key fob entry systems the premier choice to keep your business secure.

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