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Retail Stores

Access Control for Retail Stores

With growing square footage of retail centers comes the challenge of managing these super-structures. The owners need to take care of the building services, including the store's physical security hardware, the general facility, and possible common areas. If you own multiple stores and are renting them out to various tenants, you would want an easy and quick way to change access codes to feel safe in the new space. Electronic access allows you to remove access from one key card and quickly add it to a new one.

With electronic access, you can also provide security for shared entrances and spaces. This will give quick access where needed for maintenance workers, cleaning crews, and staff.

Security Challenges for Retail Stores

Multiple people needing access to the stores at different times, including owners, managers, staff, cleaning crews, and maintenance workers.

The need to keep your inventory secured at all times of the day. Also, manager’s offices need to be limited to only certain employees. You can control who has access to different areas of the store.

Retail store owners are faced with the challenge of providing a great shopping experience for the shoppers while ensuring security for tenants and their inventory. Suitable security protocols coupled with an excellent access control system will reduce unauthorized access as well as the risk of security threats.

What are some of the security and access control challenges unique to retail stores?

Multiple tenants across multiple buildings

Your tenants will need access to the facility they will be renting along with their staff. Easy access needs to be available.

Tenant turnover

When a tenant terminates their lease, the ability to access the space should be revoked entirely. This must be accomplished promptly for the security of the shared property and the next tenant's safety.

Expansion, reduction and relocation of tenants within facilities

It is important for the store owner to provide a smooth transition when a tenant decides to expand or reduce their rented space. The store owner can immediately grant access to the newly rented areas and just as simply remove access for space that is not within the lease agreement anymore.

Security for Shared Entrances and Spaces

The tenant and the owner must work closely together to avoid granting access to a new employee or revoking access to somebody who got let go. It shall be an easy task to grant all tenants access to the main entrance but then divide separate access to the tenant’s individual spaces. On the same note, access for cleaning crews, maintenance workers, or delivery staff needs to be considered.


Master Key System
This system entails using individual keys for each door and a master key to open all doors. Relying on mechanical locks and physical keys can be challenging when one key goes missing, which will result in the necessity of paying a locksmith to change the locks.

This is where the new computerized master key system comes in handy.
A computer software keeps track of all keys used in the system. Individual keys are code stamped with an ID label to make it possible to keep track of the keys.


Electronic Access Control Systems (Keyless Access Control)

An integrated electronic access control system considerably simplifies the management of access control in retail stores. Access-controlled doors can be managed from a single interface. It makes it easy to assign doors to tenants, cleaning crews, and maintenance workers.

Advantages of an Electronic Access Control System

Easy and Simple Install

With an integrated electronic access control system, it becomes easy to assign doors to tenants, their staff, cleaning crews, and maintenance staff. An electronic control system also allows for an easy transition in the event of an expansion or relocation of tenants as well as revoking and granting access to their staff. Tenants can be allowed access to their doors and their storage areas and manage access permissions for their personnel. It also makes everyone's life easier by not having to carry around a keychain with a million keys anymore.


With this system, it is possible to grant access in the form of a key card, fob, or PIN and designate permission specified for whoever will be using it. It quickly becomes possible to assign tenants access to their store and their storage areas. You can simply restrict access for employees to just the operating hours and make it possible for cleaning crews to enter common areas after hours, as well as allow temporary access for contractors to specific areas and within a specified time only.

Full Audit Trail

Most importantly for security, the master system controls all doors and closely monitors all entries and exits for each credential issued. It makes it possible and easy to quickly generate reports on demand that show Who entered Where and When.

Types of Electronic Access Control Systems

Access Control Keypads

A pin is used and entered on a keypad. By issuing unique codes for each person, it becomes possible to trace it to an individual should a problem or security breach occur.

Mobile Access Control

We have seen an increase in the use of Bluetooth to control access. By using smartphones as credentials, the need for keys, fobs, or access cards is reduced. Using mobile to control access provides a new level of security because they are nearly impossible to duplicate.

Access Control Card Reader

Individuals are issued keycards or fobs to use on a card reader to gain entry. Card readers make it possible to grant access for different people to different areas at different times of the day. In case of the loss of such a keycard, it is easy to deactivate it, expanding security for the designated area.

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