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Key FOB System Installation for Offices and Businesses

Posted on August 10, 2021

Seamless entry into a place of business can make things far more convenient for all the staff and employees in a building. A key fob office entry system gives you the benefits of quick entry with the security and precision of modern technology.

How to Use Key FOB Entry Systems for Your Business

A key fob entry system is one way to give your business a high-tech security boost and a closer method of tracking entries into the building.

Key fobs allow you to open doors electronically using proximity-based technology. The fob reacts to a reader that recognizes each key’s signature and unlocks the door. 

The system’s readers use radio-frequency identification (RFID), to recognize a key fob. Inside each key fob, there’s a radio antenna that transmits and receives data, as well as a microchip that contains that fob’s unique ID. These two features allow each fob to communicate with the RFID readers and unlock doors. 

Transitioning to a fob entry system involves installing RFID receivers at important entryways to make sure only authorized individuals can get through. You can use them to restrict access to certain areas of a building, just like with traditional keys.

For example, a retail store might need a reader at the office door, but not the front door where customers enter. An office building might install readers at each door leading to the outside, and a few important rooms as well. 

Modern key fobs are very difficult to replicate, and they’re also easy to overwrite or deactivate. Instead of going through the expensive and inconvenient process of changing out locks, you can update the locks electronically instead.

Benefits of Key Fob System

A key fob system has several unique advantages over a traditional system with physical keys for each door. It offers practicality, advanced technology, and convenience. 

Traditional key sets can be unwieldy and frustrating to use as well as easy to duplicate. A different key is needed for each locked door, potentially leading to a crowded key ring for some staff members. By contrast, a key fob system gives you unique control over employee’s access to an office building. 

Imagine a keyless security system at your place of work. The issue with traditional keys is the security risk they pose where a lock can be picked, and all it takes is a trip to the hardware store to copy most keys. 

Key fob systems, on the other hand, have a security advantage. Modern key fobs are much harder to copy than a traditional key, ensuring that only authorized individuals are able to get into your building.

There’s no way to pick an electronic lock, so this security system helps deter crimes of opportunity. In addition, the RFID format is virtually inaccessible to hackers, as well. 

A fob system works across a large range of scales, from small businesses to large ones. Key fobs are relatively affordable, and the difficulty in copying them keeps your building safer. Instead of worrying about each misplaced fob, you can simply deactivate fobs that you no longer want or need to use.


Key fob systems are a logical choice for public buildings of all kinds, from offices to apartment complexes. If you find traditional keys to be inconvenient and expensive, consider updating your building to use fobs instead.

For Commercial Spaces, Offices and Businesses

In commercial spaces, it’s vital to stay on top of security advances and learn about new technology. Here are some of the best reasons to use commercial key fob door entry systems in an office or other business facilities. 

In a large commercial building, you may need to make entryways accessible to a wide range of people, from managers to janitors. Among such a large cast of staff, there are bound to be lost keys or occasional employee turnover. 

Fobs are programmable and the locks can be updated electronically, so you have much less chance of former employees entering buildings. 

Since each person has their own key fob, it’s possible to closely monitor and record entries into the building. Some entry systems will even send notifications to alert you about unusual activity. 

For Residential Buildings and Apartments

Some apartment and residential buildings are experimenting with using key fobs instead of traditional keys.

One major benefit of this security system is that this kind of key is much harder to copy than traditional keys. That adds to the security and diminishes the chances of unauthorized keys floating around among friends and family. 

In rentals and apartment buildings, tenants may come and go. There’s ample time for them to make copies of traditional keys, which can pose a problem when they move out. 

With key fobs, you can simply deactivate former tenants’ fobs and lock them out of buildings they are no longer allowed to access. The process is simple and far less time-consuming than changing physical locks.

Apartment buildings can use a key fob system to protect areas like leasing offices, maintenance rooms, and more. They’re also helpful for restricting the amenities in an apartment complex, such as the laundry room, pool, or gym. 


Key fob systems provide advantages over traditional lock-and-key systems because they use technology to keep buildings safe. They’re easier to manage and update than physical locks, and increased control means improved security. 

Fobs are a reliable and convenient replacement for keys, and they use technology that’s difficult to hack. This option is a security upgrade because it gives you more control over who can open doors in your business, and allows you to update the locks whenever you need to.

Electronic access systems are sophisticated but easy to use. We can connect you to cloud-based access control systems that will transform security in your commercial building, contact us at Action 1st Loss Prevention today.

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