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Anaheim Access Control System

Located between Los Angeles and San Diego, Anaheim is best known for being the home of one of the happiest places in the world - Disneyland Resort. Founded by 50 German families in 1857, anaheim was incorporated in 1876 as a city initially part of Los Angeles County. In 1889, when Orange County was split from Los Angeles, Anaheim became part of the OC.

Up until 1955 when Disneyland opened, Anaheim was still a predominantly rural community. Construction of several hotels and motels followed disneyland opening to accommodate the influx of visitors. Residential districts soon followed. Today, the city is the most populous city in Orange County and is an industrial center playing host to electronics, telecom and computer industries such as AT&T, Hewlett Packard and Extron.

Action 1st Loss Prevention is in Anaheim offering access control solutions to commercial properties. Our portfolio of clients is diverse. We service many different industries from schools and dormitories, hotels, retail shopping centers and malls, warehouses and industrial buildings, and apartment buildings, to hospitals and medical centers and HOA’s and office campuses and business parks.

With our extensive experience in the commercial locksmith industry, we can offer you the perfect Anaheim access control system for your property or facility.

Professional, Dependable and Responsive

Action 1st Loss Prevention has been in the industry as a commercial locksmith since 1982. From then till now, our company is committed to building strong customer relationships and consistently rendering exceptional and professional service to our clients.

Our certified and skilled team of technicians are fully factory-trained and experienced with all commercial hardware and access control systems. They will sit down with you to discuss your particular needs for an Anaheim access control system and tailor fit one that will meet your requirements. If it’s prompt and quality workmanship you expect, our experts at Action 1st will not disappoint.

And to add to your peace of mind, our company is fully licensed and bonded by the Department of Consumer Affairs. (License #549960).

Access Control Options

Action 1st Loss Prevention has a wide range of products that can address your Anaheim access control system needs - from the most basic to the very sophisticated. So whether it is for a simple electronic access control system involving just a few doors or for a complex, network-controlled system with capability to track and monitor access remotely, Action 1st has got you covered.

Types of Electronic Access Control Systems

Access Control Keypad

Access is controlled through a password or personal identification number that is entered on a keypad.

Biometric Access Control

Fast gaining popularity, biometric access control uses personal physical characteristics such as the fingerprint or retina as credentials. Because they are unique to each individual, they are almost impossible to duplicate readily and offer exceptional security.

Access Control Key Card Reader

As implied by the name, access is controlled through a smartcard or key fob that is swiped or waved over a card reader. This option is the most popular system in use today.
As implied by the name, access is controlled through a smartcard or key fob that is swiped or waved over a card reader. This option is the most popular system in use today.

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