Cypress Access Control System

The city of Cypress was incorporated in 1956 under the name Dairy City by dairy farmers.  They did this to preserve their dairies and keep developers out of their community.  In 1957, local residents voted to change the city’s name from Dairy City to Cypress.

Today, the city prides itself on being a family-oriented community with a thriving business environment. Cypress encourages business endeavors through its business programs and serves as headquarters to several notable companies including as Real Mex Restaurants, Bandai America, and Mitsubishi Motors North America.

Action 1st has been working with businesses in Cypress for many years providing full service locksmith services, from changing locks, to door hardware to electronic access control systems, and more.

Some of the industries we service are:

Colleges and University Campuses, Dormitories


Retail Shopping Centers and Malls

Warehouses and Industrial Buildings

Apartment Complexes

Government Buildings

Utilities and Data Centers

Business Office Complexes, Commercial Campuses, and Office Buildings

Medical Offices, Doctors Offices, Labs, and Clinics

Property Management Companies

Parking Lots

School campuses – grades K through high school

Hospitals and Medical Centers

Homeowner Associations and Gated Communities

Why Put Your Trust in Action 1st?

Each business, property or facility has its own unique requirements for access control.  From standard commercial door locks to a keyless entry or biometric system, Action 1st has a team of experts who will help you select the access control system that will best meet your needs and budget, install it, and provide training to ensure your organization gets the most out of its investment.

Our skilled technicians are fully factory-trained and experienced with all commercial hardware and access control systems. And to make sure that they get to you wherever you are and when you need us, we maintain a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles. Our technicians will be able to respond promptly and provide you with quality workmanship you can trust.
Most importantly, Action 1st Loss Prevention is fully licensed and bonded by the Department of Consumer Affairs (License #549960).

Strong customer relationships and a professional approach to service are key to our success. This conviction was what guided us when we began in 1982 and this still holds true to this day.  With us, your safety and your facility security is our foremost concern.

Access Control Options

Electronic access control systems have become very popular and replace the traditional key and master key systems with keyless access control locks. If you are looking  for the perfect Cypress access control system for your business or facility, Action 1st is the company to call.

We carry a whole range of products that can address your Cypress access control system needs – from the most basic to the very sophisticated. So whether it is for a simple electronic access control system involving just a few doors or for a complex, network-controlled system with capability to track and monitor access remotely, Action 1st has got the solution for you.

Types of Electronic Access Control Systems

  1. Access Control Keypad. Access is controlled through a password or personal identification number that is entered on a keypad.
  2. Access Control Key Card Reader.  As implied by the name, access is controlled through a smartcard or key fob that is swiped or waved over a card reader. This option is the most popular system in use today.
  3. Biometric Access Control. Fast gaining popularity, biometric access control uses personal physical characteristics, usually a fingerprint, but can also be retina, palm scan, etc., as credentials. Because biometric credentials are unique to each individual, they are almost impossible to duplicate readily and offer exceptional security.

Whatever system you choose, all come with easy to use software that makes it possible to customize permissions – who has access, what time doors can be opened and closed, etc.  And when employees or tenants leave or when keys are lost, there is no need to change commercial locks.

Best of all electronic access control systems allow for audit trails that aid in investigation if and when a breach in security occurs.

Call Us Today

Whatever your requirements may be, Action 1st has the Cypress access control system that will perfectly address your needs.

Call us today for an appointment at (888) 670-9615. Our experts will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free onsite survey and estimate.

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