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Best Costa Mesa Commercial Locksmith Services

Costa Mesa is located on the “coastal tableland” and it's first inhabitants were native Americans. Artifacts found there indicate the presence of an old village named Lukup.

Costa Mesa used to be a semi-rural farming community until its incorporation in 1953. Now, it's economy is largely based on retail and services. The South Coast Plaza is the largest commercial center, comprising of 322 stores, generating more than one billion dollars revenue per year.

Many notable business services have their headquarters in Costa Mesa including Experian, El Pollo Loco, Emulex, Toyota Racing Development, and the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

The city of Costa Mesa is also home to cultural activities like the Orange County Fair which takes place each July. The Fair receives more than one million visitors a year. Near the fairgrounds is the Pacific Amphitheater which hosts some of the biggest performers in the United States such as Madonna, Jessica Simpson, and Kelly Clarkson to name a few.

In terms of higher education, Costa Mesa has Orange Coast College, Vanguard University, Whittier Law School, and National University. This complete set of educational opportunities make Costa Mesa a good place for learning and further education.

Costa Mesa is an exceptional city offering unique business opportunities. Action 1st Loss Prevention, a premier commercial locksmith in Costa Mesa has several clients in the city and we continue to grow our customer base through referrals from our many happy customers.

Why engage the services of a loss prevention company?

Consider this -- losses due to shoplifting and employee theft cost retailers $32 Billion in 2014. With so much at stake, it makes perfect business sense to invest in a good loss protection system for your company. It will enable oyu to monitor and protect against break-ins and outside theft.

At the same time, it will also allow you to protect against employee theft, false liability claims and shoplifting.

Equally important, a good security monitoring system keeps private information secure.

Having a loss protection system in place does more than keep your property secure, it ultimately leads to increased business productivity and revenue because you improve employee accountability and enhance knowledge of customer habits.

Action 1st is the best Costa Mesa commercial locksmith. We offer a full line of new, advanced and secure access control solutions, each tailored to your company’s particular need. You may just need to secure a few doors or it may be for a full enterprise system involving multiple facilities. No matter the size, Action 1st will get you covered (and secured).

Our Products and Services

Computerized Master Key System

Our team of dedicated professional experts employ computerized master key systems so your business is provided optimal security against losses while keeping it simple for those who need to access it.

Commercial master key systems offers maximum security and control over your facility without sacrificing ease in tenant and or employee access control to offices and other commercial buildings.

Computerized master key systems provide easy admittance and restriction and eliminates the need for multiple keys per person.

The beauty of this system is it can be used, if needed, together with Action 1st’s electronic access control systems.

Electronic Access Control Systems

This technology allows companies to determine WHO can go WHERE and WHEN. An audit trail shows the details of who passed through entry and exit devices which allow access to buildings, and doors and areas within buildings.  Examples of commercial electronic access systems include:

Got a protection system that your business has outgrown?

Don’t throw it out, yet. We can repair older systems and upgrade them if needed and/or replace them. We have advanced tools to determine the exact problem with your security system. Based on our evaluation, we can proceed with a repair, an upgrade or a replacement.

If your business is looking for an exceptional commercial locksmith in Costa Mesa, call us today at (949) 828-3008 to schedule an appointment to see how we can help you.

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