Electronic Access Control Systems

Action 1st  specializes in Commercial Electronic Access Control Systems. Whether your needs are simple for just a few doors, or more complex, involving multiple buildings, areas, and secure access needs, we have you covered.

We are the best commercial locksmith in Orange County.  We will do a free onsite review and provide you with multiple options to choose from to fit your needs and budget.  Stellar customer service and always being responsive to your needs is our number one goal.

Electronic Access Control Systems and How They Work

Action 1st Loss Prevention’s electronic access control systems replace the traditional lock and master key system with keyless access control locks.
These systems provide commercial access control security by allowing entrance with a keypad, card reader, finger print scan, or other biometric access control .

Easy to use software can be used to track who enters the building and when, and permissions can be granted or removed at any time, from anywhere—no need to change commercial locks when keys are lost, or an employee or tenant departs.

Electronic door lock systems allow for automatic open and close times, shift access (employee access during specific times and days), and holiday schedules. They can also be used on multiple doors, providing the ability to track individual employees or tenants throughout the entire building in order to increase both security and accountability.

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