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We provide the best service for commercial access control installation services in Orange County, CA

Action 1st specializes in cloud-based commercial electronic access control systems. Whether your needs are simple for just a few door controllers or more complex, involving multiple buildings, areas, and secure access control devices, we have you covered. We are the best commercial access control system provider in Orange County. We will do a free on-site review and provide you with multiple access control solutions to choose from to fit your needs and budget. Stellar customer service and always being responsive to your needs is our number one goal.
If you need new or updated property or business security, our expert team installing access control systems will come to your property for a complete installation. Following a thorough on-site review of your property, we will provide you with the most modern and state-of-the-art controlled access system options so that you can choose the best to make your building as secure as possible.

One of the differentiating factors with Action 1st is that we provide all the hardware and services in-house, without contracting other vendors. This ensures that the best service and quality is given to each of our customers.

Installation of electronic locks and security systems can be done for all types of commercial buildings and situations, including commercial and manufacturing companies, retail stores, hospitals, healthcare agencies, offices, schools, condominiums, apartment complexes, hotels, public government, and social service agencies.

Why Cloud-Based Access Control?

Your security plan needs to be simplified and amplified.

Single App Management

Experience system and visitor management from any internet-connected device. Real-time reporting means you can track events as they happen.

Strengthened Security

Enjoy the comfort of knowing that your security system is routinely updated to protect against the latest security threats.

Manage Multiple Locations

Have the ability to manage multiple locations from a single login. As a result, streamline and simplify your security and property management needs.

Types of Access Control Readers

Secure Access Control Keypad

A password or personal identification number (PIN code) is entered on a keypad to gain access to a room. Keypads also accept key fobs or access cards credentials.

Bluetooth Access Control System

Mobile access control uses a device as a mobile credential. So users have smartphone access credentials to unlock and lock doors without any hassle.

Access Control Key Card Reader

A card or fob is presented to a card reader. 

Today, there are readers with higher security and more versatility.
The most popular of these three options today is the Access Control Key Card System. However, all three offer security, convenience, and peace of mind.

With any of the above access control systems, audit trails are created, and businesses can keep a record of the people who entered and the exact time they entered. This becomes especially useful if thefts or any incidents occur that can be narrowed down to a specific period; records can be pulled up to determine who entered the building corresponding to the period.

Your Options: Which One Is Right For You?

Action 1st Loss Prevention offers access control installation for commercial building access. We have a huge selection of security systems, from the most basic products to sophisticated security solutions.
As the best commercial keyless entry system installation service provider in Orange County, our clients include individual retail locations, shopping centers and malls, business offices, manufacturing companies, industrial and business campuses, medical centers and hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, commercial buildings with multiple tenants, hotels, condominium and apartment complexes, and more. For more information on our customers, click here.
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Installing Security Access Control Systems and How They Work

Access Control Schema
Action 1st's door access control systems replace the traditional lock and master key system with keyless access control locks.These electronic locks provide commercial security by allowing entrance with a keypad, card reader, or mobile Bluetooth. These door access controls can be easily integrated with security camera systems for a more reliable design.

Easy to use software

True Cloud-based technology. Whether in the office or on the road, gives you full control of every feature in the system from any internet-connected device. Take advantage of real-time updates, cloud backup, 24-hour support, and more.

Electronic door locks and access control systems

Increase the efficiency of your facility security to control who has access and how events are tracked. Instantly know the status of every door at your facility in a single glance. With cloud-based access control, you can unlock or lock doors from any mobile device.

What information is stored in the system?

Date and time card was read, a pin was used, or Bluetooth scans occurred
• Name of the cardholder, pin owner, or other types of data

• Unique ID number or badge number
• Name of door or reader being accessed
• Granted or denied access conditions

This information can be stored for up to several years.

Bluetooth Keyless Entry Lock Installation in Orange County, CA

Future is here and everything goes smart; even your property’s security. Install Bluetooth keyless entry lock systems with Action 1st and reach a new level of safety and customization, as this type of locks are compatible with many popular virtual assistants and voice commands. This is a new, sophisticated approach to access control that can provide you with many benefits.

The proximity sensors of Bluetooth keyless access control system enable a door to unlock whenever there is a motion wave or button push on the Bluetooth reader, which detect an authorized user’s smartphone in range. These keyless access control systems work with Android or iPhone. Authorized users can also lock and unlock your property’s door remotely or share access with whoever you authorize by simply using a mobile app.

Action 1st can handle your keyless entry systems and key card lock installations whether it is a new installation or replacement system. You can also combine these systems with video cameras for extra security and peace of mind for you and the people you share your property with.

Invest in Security Today – Install Access Control To Secure Your Business

Action 1st Loss Prevention will help you select access control panels that best meet your requirements and budget, install them, and provide training to ensure your organization gets the most out of your investment.

From the basics, such as adding and deleting personnel, to more complex software training - you will be armed with the knowledge to fully utilize all the benefits offered by your electronic access control system.

Learn more about electronic access control systems and keyless door entry installation services

Contact Action 1st for access control installation. Our professional commercial security experts will be happy to discuss your security needs and provide a free on-site survey.  You may also check the industries we serve as a reference.

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