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Key Fob Access Control for Building Entrances and Facilities

Posted on July 20, 2021

Keeping workplaces and commercial buildings secure is nothing new, but it is more crucial than ever. With developments in cloud-based access control systems such as key fobs, organizations can now take their security measures beyond the outdated lock-and-key mechanisms.

Several security concerns have arisen for businesses in the previous year, but the need to keep the doors locked is nothing new.

Today, most workplaces have electronic access control systems, but with cloud access control, business owners and building managers now have more control over their building entrances and facilities.

Let’s take a look at how key fob access control systems and various other access control systems such as mobile credentials, cell phone credentials, and Bluetooth readers work to keep your building safe, as well as some of the various benefits they provide.

Continue reading below to learn more and discover how Action 1st Loss Prevention can help you upgrade to an access control system that works for your business today.


A key fob is a small electronic device that may be attached to a keychain that opens or unlocks doors and has gone through several revisions since its implementation in electronic door entry systems in 1983.

Early systems, which were primarily utilized for automobile doors and dependent on line of sight and infrared technology, were extremely vulnerable to duplication.

Over time, however, access control systems evolved to use a passive radio frequency identification (RFID) tag, which allows data to be exchanged via electromagnetic waves.

Key fob access control systems provide a straightforward solution for many enterprises to manage entry into their buildings and facilities.

They’re becoming increasingly popular because of their ease of use and customizability, allowing business owners to control who has access to which doors and adjust access when their workforce changes.


As mentioned above, key fobs use RFID technology to identify and track data that is stored on each key fob. The key fob operates in the same way that the magnetic strip on your credit card does—it requires a reader to read the data, and the data stored on the key fob is subsequently transmitted via radio waves.

To use a key fob to open a door, simply hold, tap, or wave the key fob in front or on top of the scanner. The microchip with a unique frequency communicates with the scanner and signals the access point to be unlocked.

The key fob then unlocks the magnetic door lock after identifying and authorizing the key card credential presented at the door card reader, and the user can then open the door using the push-bar, lever, or lockset.

One of the main benefits of key fob access control systems, which we will discuss more in-depth below, is that access levels for different uses can be encoded into fobs. For example, a building manager’s key fob could be programmed to access all doors in a facility, whereas a receptionist’s key fob might only access a select few.

Let’s take a look at some of the main advantages that key fob access control systems provide.


Key fob access control systems are a crucial investment for any business, no matter how small or large it is.

Beyond the simplicity of not having to deal with a key to unlock the door, key fob access control systems and cloud based access control for commercial office buildings provide several advantages over traditional systems.

If you’re considering key fob access control systems for your workplace, consider the following benefits of how they can upgrade your business:


When an employee leaves a company using traditional locks, new keys must be cut and supplied, and each door lock must be retooled. For organizations with significant turnover, this might quickly become prohibitively expensive.

With key fob access control, if a key fob is misplaced, you can easily deactivate it and receive a message if someone tries to use it again, all without having to rekey all of the locks in the building.


One of the great advantages of using key fob access control is that they eliminate the risk of unauthorized entry. Because the systems require each user to have their own credential, making it increasingly difficult for anyone without authorized credentials to gain access.

Once access has been allowed, and the door has been closed, building or facility entrances can be programmed to automatically lock, decreasing the risk of unlawful entry, as well as the risk of valuable equipment being stolen.


Because today’s organizations operate in real-time, it’s fair to be concerned about data security, and having fast access to your company’s data is crucial. If you’re worried that an electronic system could easily be hacked, rest assured that a key fob access control system cannot be easily breached.

Due to end-to-end encryption and the lack of data stored locally, it is practically impenetrable to hackers.


Last but certainly not least, key fob access control systems also provide advanced activity monitoring and management from anywhere in the world.

With key fob access control systems, you can reliably track and schedule entry capabilities, which allows you to keep an eye on your business’s entranceways at all times.

Furthermore, building managers can monitor all activities with an activity record and real-time notifications for any risky or suspicious events with just a few clicks.


Key fob access control systems are increasingly being used by businesses of all industries to improve their building security while also providing a user-friendly experience for authorized personnel.

If your building security isn’t up to par and you would like to learn more about how you can improve your security solutions, Action 1st Loss Prevention is happy to help.

As your business expands and achieves greater success, it’s critical that your building security also improves. Our key fob and cloud-based access control systems are a terrific choice that many businesses are starting to use.


For more than 30 years, Action 1st Loss Prevention has specialized in providing key fob access control systems for Orange County businesses with the best commercial security experience.

We recognize that there is no one-size-fits-all solution to commercial business security, which is why we provide a variety of cloud-based access control solutions to meet your business’s specific needs and safety requirements.

We can direct you to the cloud access control system that best meets your needs and budget, install it, and provide proper training to guarantee that your company gets the most out of its new security investment.

Find out if a keyless entry system is right for your business. If you would like to learn more about key fob access control and cloud-based access control systems, get a free consultation and discover how we can help you. 

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