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Fountain Valley Access Control System

Action 1st is dedicated to provide the best-quality products and services for Fountain Valley access control installation.

Incorporated in 1957, Fountain Valley is Orange County’s 21st city. As a city, it has adopted the motto “A Nice Place to Live”.

Like most cities in Southern California, Fountain Valley had agricultural roots when early settlers planted sugar beets, beans, barley and wheat. Cattle grazed on portions of land not being used for growing crops.

The city experienced rapid growth in the 1960’s and thanks to a Master Plan that served as the framework for development, Fountain Valley is recognized today as Orange County’s best planned community.

Fountain Valley hosts several notable companies including Hyundai Motor America, D-Link Corporation, and Surefire LCC—all headquartered in this city.

Truly, Fountain Valley is “A Nice Place to Live,” offering a great balance of life and work in one beautiful community.

Action 1st Loss Prevention is the top commercial locksmith in Fountain Valley. We offer a wide array of access control solutions for commercial buildings and facilities. We have a diverse portfolio of clients ranging from schools, hospitals, office buildings, shopping centers and malls to homeowners associations and gated communities. Whatever the size of your operation and your needs, from smaller businesses to large corporations, Action 1st will have the perfect fit Fountain Valley access control system for you.

Why Choose Action 1st For Keyless Entry and Access Control Solution?

Action 1st has been in the industry since 1984. Our success has been built on our commitment to establishing strong customer relations while consistently offering professional service to our clients in Southern California. Our factory trained technicians are knowledgeable in a wide array of access control products and solutions. We can provide you with prompt service and quality workmanship you can trust. And because we maintain a fleet of fully stocked service vehicles operated by our trained technicians, we ensure that your security needs are met wherever your location is within Fountain Valley and whenever you call.

Because each business is unique, we recognize that each Fountain Valley access control system we install should be designed to address their particular needs. It is because of this that our experts will meet with you at a schedule that is convenient for your in the soonest possible time when you set an appointment with us. We will ensure that we listen to your concerns and needs. Based on the assessment on your situation and using our expertise, we will install the access control system that will address your particular security needs. You can rest assured that we will not recommend systems that you do not really need nor “push bells and whistles” you will never ever use.

Below are the 3 basic Keyless Entry / Electronic Access Control Systems you can choose from:

Access control keypad

A password or personal identification number (PIN) is entered on a keypad.

Biometric access control

A human feature, such as a fingerprint, is used to verify identity with a small screen or reader. This is fast gaining popularity as advances in technology has made this cheaper to install. And since human characteristics are harder to duplicate, this offers great security.

Access control key card reader

This is the most popular choice. A smart card or key fob is presented to a card reader. Action 1st offers installation of key card access systems.
With any of the above systems, audit trails are created and businesses can keep a record of persons who entered and the exact time they entered. How is this useful? It becomes easy to narrow down who was in the building at a particular time if and when thefts or any incidents occur.

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So, if you are about to move into a new building or are looking to better secure your business, Action 1st can help. We offer the best in Fountain Valley Access Control solutions.

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