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Mission Viejo Access Control System

Looking to better secure your business? Action 1st Loss Prevention is the best commercial locksmith in Orange County and we offer access control solutions to Mission Viejo businesses.

Mission Viejo is a master planned community located in South Orange County, between San Diego and Los Angeles. It is one of the safest cities in California and has consistently ranked one of the top 15 in the whole US. The City provides outstanding municipal services and it is no wonder that 99% of the residents report the quality of life is exceptional.

Because Mission Viejo has made itself business friendly, the city continues to welcome many new businesses into the community to join the already established ones like Nordstrom, Target, and Macy's.

Action 1st Loss Prevention specializes in electronic access control systems that can be utilized in all types of commercial buildings, retail locations, and facilities. If you are looking for the best Mission Viejo access control system for your business, we can help. We have a diverse client portfolio which includes those from the following industries:
  • Individual retail locations
  • Condominium and apartment complexes
  • Shopping centers and malls
  • Business offices
  • Commercial buildings with multiple tenants
  • Manufacturing complexes
  • Schools, colleges and universities
  • Industrial and business campuses
  • Hotels
  • Medical centers and hospitals
  • Places of worship
  • HOA’s and gated communities
  • And many more

Why Choose Action 1st?

Nowadays, security and safety is of utmost importance to many people. And for businesses, it is one of their top priorities. At Action 1st, it is our business to ensure the safety and security of our clients by providing top quality access control systems. We have been in the business for many years and we are known for our dependability, responsiveness and professionalism.

We recognize that the security needs of each business is different. This is why our team of experts do not just “sell” systems. They take time to discuss your unique needs and carefully design the best Mission Viejo access control system that will perfectly address these needs. And we guarantee that we will not recommend systems or add ons that you would not really use.

Action 1st carries a wide range of proven quality products from the most basic to the most sophisticated. You can be sure to find the access control system that is right for your needs and budget. Our team will help you select the product that best meets your needs and budget, install it, and provide training to ensure your organization gets the most out of its investment.

And we do not stop at installation. You are assured of excellent after sales service, as well. Our skilled technicians are fully factory-trained and experienced with all commercial hardware and access control systems. They will provide you with prompt and quality workmanship that you can rely on.

3 Basic Types of Electronic Access Control Systems

Electronic access control systems replace the traditional lock and master key system. They provide commercial access security by allowing entry through different entry devices. The 3 basic types of devices are :

Access control keypad

Entry is controlled through a password or personal identification entered into a keypad.

Access control key card reader

The most widely used type, entry is controlled through a smart card or key fob is presented to a card reader.

Biometric access control

Human characteristics such as a fingerprint, hand print or the retina is used a a credential and verified through a small screen or reader. Because of the enhanced security it offers, this type is now also being widely used.
Along with the entry device, the other component of the electronic access control system is the control panel with a software that contains the database of people who are given permission to enter the building or facility. It likewise has the commands for each entry point. This makes it possible to control the time that each door opens and closes and dictate who is given permission to enter or exit.

As an additional security feature, an audit trail is created for each person who enters and exits the premises, as well as the exact time of entry/exit. This is particularly helpful when investigating incidents of theft or security breach.

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If you are looking to better secure your business, Action 1st can help. You can choose from our wide range of products and find the best Mission Viejo access control system that will meet your needs and budget.

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