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Irvine Access Control System

Action 1st is a premier commercial locksmith offering full commercial locksmith services including access control systems to Irvine businesses. Incorporated in December 28, 1971, the city of Irvine is a master planned community in Orange County. It was developed by the Irvine Company and was designed to be composed of townships, each having houses of similar designs, commercial centers, religious institutions and schools. The city is one of the nation's largest planned urban communities and encompasses more than 65 square miles.

Irvine is an affluent community where the City Council aims to ensure security and safety, and to make it a conducive environment for family life and business.

A number of corporations, particularly in the technology and semiconductor sectors, have their national or international headquarters in Irvine. The city is also home to several higher education institutions including the University of California, Irvine (UCI), Concordia University, Irvine Valley College, the Orange County Center of the University of Southern California (USC), and campuses of California State University Fullerton (CSUF), University of La Verne, and Pepperdine University.

Action 1st Loss Prevention is aligned with the city’s focus on security and safety. We are a top commercial locksmith serving the needs of Irvine as well as 32 other locations in Orange County. We have been in the industry since 1982 and ae a trusted name in commercial access control solutions. We offer a wide range of products from the most basic to the most sophisticated.

Our diverse portfolio includes clients in individual retail locations, shopping centers and malls, business offices, manufacturing complexes, industrial and business campuses, medical centers and hospitals, schools, colleges and universities, hotels, commercial buildings with multiple tenants, hotels, condominium and apartment complexes, and more. If you are business owner looking to better secure your facilities, Action 1st has the perfect Irvine access control system that will address your particular needs.

Electronic Access Control Systems

To address the changing needs for safety and security of businesses, electronic access control systems have replaced the traditional lock and master key system with keyless access control locks. These systems provide control over access by allowing entrance to your facilities with a keypad, card reader, fingerprint scan, or other biometric access control .

Easy to use software is used to grant or withdraw entry privileges and track who enters the building and when. They provide convenience because they allow permissions to be granted or revoked at any time, from anywhere. Unlike traditional lock and master key systems, there is no need to change commercial locks when keys are lost, or an employee or tenant departs.

3 Basic Types of Access Control Systems

Whatever your needs are, Action 1st carries a wide range of products. You can be sure to find the Irvine access control system that fits your business requirements. There are 3 basic types to consider:

Access control keypad

Biometric access control

where a human characteristic, such as a fingerprint or a handprint, is used to verify identity with a small screen or reader.

Access control card reader

Whichever system you choose, all allow for audit trails to be created. Businesses are able to keep a record of persons who entered and exited and the exact time they entered. The audit trail becomes a very useful investigation tool should theft or a security breach occur.

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