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Parking Security Using Cloud-based Access Control Systems

Posted on July 6, 2021

Parking management security solutions such as cloud-based access control systems are critical for keeping your premises secure. Luckily, cloud based access control such as mobile credentials and Bluetooth reader entry systems are becoming some of the safest and most dependable options for protecting access to a parking structure as well as the building it is connected to.

Safety continues to play a critical part in every business, with many organizations reevaluating their spaces, budgets, and work regulations. Fortunately, cloud based access control offers several significant advantages and integrates a system that uses cell phone credentials.

Below, we will provide you with a brief walkthrough of how cloud based access control systems work, and discuss some of the many advantages they offer your business.

Continue reading below to learn more about cloud based access control systems for parking security and find out how Action 1st Loss Prevention can help ensure the safety and protection of your parking structure today.


For any business, cloud based access control systems are a significant investment. Because it is considered the heart of many physical security initiatives, knowing the advantages they provide may help businesses enhance their parking security and future-proof their facilities.


Traditional access control systems were created to provide keyless entry and centralized security management in large commercial and residential buildings.

They were hailed as a technological achievement in the field of security, but these systems faced significant drawbacks, such as high initial investment, inflated information technology (IT) costs, and limited network flexibility in terms of the number of doors that the system can manage.

Nowadays, more enterprises use cloud access control solutions, thanks to their many advanced capabilities. Without the cost and complexity of traditional physical access systems, a cloud based access control system enables centralized management, increased visibility, and more control.

Cloud based access control systems can be implemented quickly without the need for expensive certifications or proprietary interfaces, and they can also integrate with the existing software your company currently uses for operations, visitor managing, employee monitoring, and door scheduling.

Furthermore, with the advancement of cloud computing, these activities no longer require expensive servers and can be easily customized to meet the demands of each business.

Cloud based access control systems provide a variety of features to make your parking structure safer and more secure for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with using cloud access control below.


Everything is moving to the cloud, whether it’s online banking or images from the previous team function. So why not use the cloud to manage access control as well?

Cloud based access control solutions have become the new standard for commercial and parking security in recent years.

Here are four benefits that you should consider if you are thinking about transitioning to a cloud-based access control system.


For businesses with a high turnover rate, several locations, or an influx of contractors, cloud based access control is a more than adequate security solution. With this kind of system, access to every location and every employee can be handled from a single platform.

Moreover, managing, monitoring, and updating access permissions from a central location gives a business a lot of flexibility and a significant competitive edge.


Cloud based access control systems, unlike on-site security systems, work in real-time and allow you to act more quickly. Not only does remote access provide more comfort and ease of use, but it also enables the detection of anomalies in access activity and, if necessary, allows you to take immediate action.

With a cloud based access control system, simply login to the web portal from anywhere you have an internet connection and review the necessary information in the access log.


Automatic software, security updates, and patches are critical for keeping the access control system current and helps in addressing any potential vulnerabilities.

With a cloud-based access control system, you can rest easy knowing that your security solution is always up to date, monitored, and maintained 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

In addition, when you use a cloud based access control system, the hosting center where your software is stored, updates and backs it up for you automatically. That way,  you always have the most up-to-date data, and you never have to worry about your in-house server failing or losing critical data.


Cloud based access control opens your business up to a whole new world of possibilities. With cloud access control, all access privileges are stored in a central location and can be viewed with a few mouse clicks in an easy-to-use cloud access management system. This ensures that you never have to waste time operating multiple systems throughout your worksites.

Additionally, you can easily update or delete access rights promptly by updating the cloud based access control system from anywhere with an internet connection, and you can also synchronize access privileges with your human resources database.


As a building manager, it’s critical that you ensure the safety of all individuals that enter and exit your facility, including the parking structure.

Having complete control over your parking structure’s security will ensure that automobiles, employees, and visitors are always kept safe, and the property is well-maintained.

If your business is looking for new and enhanced ways to improve the security of your parking structure, Action 1st Loss Prevention can help.

For more than 30 years, Action 1st Loss Prevention has provided access control systems to commercial businesses in Orange County and the surrounding communities.

We specialize in providing all types of commercial enterprises with easily accessible cloud-based access control systems, and we have a wide selection of access control products to ensure that you receive the proper system for your company.

For a free on-site assessment and a detailed quote, and to discover how we can help protect your business and improve the security of your parking facility, contact us at Action 1st Loss Prevention today.

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