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Commercial Key FOB Entry Systems and Door Locks Installation in Orange County, CA

Posted on April 30, 2019

Action 1st Loss Prevention offers Key FOB entry systems for Commercial Buildings, Offices, Warehouses, Schools, Health Facilities, Multi Family Homes, Apartment Buildings and Gyms. We install fob door locks which is similar to key card door locks for convenience and security.

When you have set up a business through your own efforts, you have to make s that your buildings are properly protected. You can find a number of different types of  security systems which will allow you increasing control over your entry points. But if you want something modern and interesting, then you would do well to try a smart device such as a key fob office entry system, which offers you the benefit of extra security while still allowing people to come and go in your home.

When you come to Action 1st, you can get help with every stage of the process, from finding high-quality locking systems like key FOB door lock that serves the right purpose, to finding brand new entry card codes which will allow you to give access to everyone that needs it.

Understanding Your Keyless Locking Systems and Door Locks for Security

A keyless system is very different to the traditional lock. Rather than relying upon a locking system which requires the right key to be put into the lock in order to gain access, these keyless entry systems allow you to gain access through a simple card, which can be given to your employees so that they can gain access. The card can be easily replaced if lost, and it is much easier to cope with than having to have your lock system re-keyed to prevent access by unwanted people. You can also make use of the ability to quickly change the cards to alter permissions - so for example if you have a sudden need to make parts of your building restricted access, then you can do this easily, rather than having to change all of the locks.

Finding the Right Keyless Entry System for Commercial Facilities

The type of keyless system that you need will depend very much upon what you are looking for from your access points. You might want to have locks which allow a large number of people through - for example at the entrance to your building, but also need a number of secure entry points that restrict people. Do you want to have the effort of updating all of the locks, or do you only intend to have a few systems in place at key points? You should also consider the type of security system that you need, whether that is a card access, a keypad, or even access through smartphone codes.

Talk to Key FOB Experts for Remote Keyless Entry System!

When you need help with all manner of smart locks, you should be talking to the experts at Action 1st. We can help you to work out exactly what type of locking system will be best for you and your staff.

We can assist you with finding a key fob office entry system that will match with the needs of your business, preventing intrusion but also not delaying access to those who want to be there. If you need help with putting keyless systems into your Orange County business, then we can help you. Simply contact us online, or call us at (949) 828-3008 today.

Frequently Asked Questions on Key FOBs?

What Are Key Fobs?

A key fob is a compact, programmable hardware device that allows you to access a physical item. Key fobs, also known as hardware tokens, can be used to give one-factor authentication to things like doors and autos on-device.

Key fob access control systems can also be used as an authentication factor for items like computers that require two-factor or multifactor authentication. Smart cards, proximity cards, and biometric keyless entry fobs are all examples of physical security tokens, as are key fobs.

Hardware tokens are typically small enough to fit on a key ring, in a wallet, or in a pocket. When a key fob is stolen or misplaced, it is more likely to be noticed than when a password is compromised.

Why Are Key FOBs Used?

Key fobs are used with a wide range of access control systems and provide a simple way for small enterprises to regulate access to their facilities. They're becoming more popular because of their ease of use and customizability, which allows business owners to regulate who has access to which doors, view entry and exit records, and adjust access when their workforce changes.

Where Are Key FOBs Used?

For gated and apartment communities, hotels, parking garages, businesses with numerous employees, or buildings with limited areas, such as a stockroom, technical space, or a laboratory, key fobs can be a handy and secure solution. Commercial key fob door entry systems are extensively used to allow access to gym clients, neighbors with a shared pool facility, and students on campus.

Is a Key FOB Access Control Considered Keyless Entry?

Yes, key fobs are considered keyless entry.

When the key fob is in close proximity to the access device reader, the commercial key fob door lock system unlocks the door or gate, allowing only authorized individuals to enter. The access system can be set to limit or block entry at any moment, and each credential device has a personal identifying number.

Key fobs will not unlock the door unless the user has been granted the appropriate access permissions via a security application that has been programmed.

How Do You Unlock a Door with a Key Fob?

A keyless door lock functions similarly to a traditional key lock; the locking mechanism rotates inwards or outwards depending on whether the door is locked or unlocked. You'll have to utilize different methods to lock or unlock the door depending on the sort of keyless door lock you have.

A key fob is a rather straightforward device. The device will contain a mechanism that will link to the fob's mechanism. The door will unlock when the fob is placed on the gadget.

What are the Costs of a Key Fob Door Lock System?

The installation cost of key fob systems for business is similar to that of a key card: $1,500-3,500 per door. However, the more doors that a building has on access control, the cost per door typically reduces..

The total cost is determined on the technology that powers your key fob system as well as the number of doors you want to lock. It's usually advisable to receive a quote for a more precise estimate.

Can I Program a Key FOB to My Phone?

Some fob readers have Bluetooth technology built into it. This allows for the use of a mobile credential. There are a wide variety of mobile ready readers for an access control system. Contact Action 1st to discuss these options further.

Can a Key FOB Door Lock be Tracked?

The access control system can display a report called an audit trail. This audit trail can show you all the information of who accessed any given door at a particular time. This can be filtered by door, person, fob number, date, and time. Tracking who entered the apartment complex can be an important step to setting up your security.

Are Key Fobs Secure?

When it comes to current security locks, traditional keys are easy to misplace, copy, and are plain archaic. Every authorized user of door fob entry systems must have a unique credential that grants them entrance to the building. This minimizes the odds of an intruder getting access by stealing or copying a traditional key. There are various security levels of fobs.

Contact Action 1st to discuss the different security levels of fobs.

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