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How To Choose The Right Access Control Installation For Your Business

Posted on March 23, 2021

Keeping your business secure is your number one priority as a business owner, and a cloud-based access control system provides you with the best way to do so.

Different types of businesses have various kinds of security needs, which means it is critical for you to consider what your business needs to ensure its protection 24/7.

While many consider cloud-based access control systems to be primarily used within financial or government facilities, these security technologies, irrespective of scale, can also serve an essential role in protecting many other types of industries and enterprises.

In this article, we will walk you through all the things you should consider before choosing an access control system for your business to ensure it matches your needs.

Continue reading below to learn more about how to choose the right access control installation for your organization.


When choosing the best cloud-based access control for your business, there is a range of factors to take into account. While your decision is highly dependent on the unique needs of your organization and facility, there are a few things you should consider beforehand to make the most informed decision possible.


Before making any decisions, learn more about what to look for in an access control system and what is most important for your business, and what will provide you with the best solution.

A cloud access control system is a significant investment and critical in protecting your employees, visitors, and inventory. Not only is it the first line of protection in keeping unauthorized people out of areas they should not be, but it’s also a vital safety feature to give employees and visitors peace of mind that they are always safe while on the premises.

Start by assessing your existing security requirements and identify any areas you feel should be improved upon.

If you are starting from scratch, make sure you have a good idea of what your specifications are, such as how many entries require an authorization, how many users are allowed access to particular areas or systems, and if you will need any added security features or capabilities.


As previously mentioned, you will also need to consider how authorized individuals will gain access to a particular location or database within your facility, as well as what hardware and software you will need to ensure the system works the way your business needs it to.

Start by assessing security mechanisms you have used in the past and if they provided you with an adequate level of satisfaction. The best cloud access control system is one that utilizes methods of entry you currently use without introducing new, unnecessary headaches in the future.

Next, consider the various access control methods available and what the security needs are of your organization. There is a range of options to consider when choosing an access control system for your business:

Key Cards / Key Fobs

Allows credentialed users to swipe, tap, or wave their card at an access control reader to gain entry.

Mobile Credentials

Mobile credentials or cell phone credentials rely on the use of a smartphone or tablet device for an authorized user to gain access.

Bluetooth Readers

Bluetooth readers allow you to read radio-frequency identification (RFID) tags and transfer data to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Ease of Use

Another factor to be considered before purchasing an access control system is to understand how easy it will be for you and your employees to use.

While there are plenty of high-tech security solutions with powerful capabilities, will the new process improve the efficiency of your business, or will the entire process serve as redundancy that only causes more headaches in the future? Of course, it’s appealing to have a high-tech security solution, but it’s critical to consider if it will be applicable and easy to maintain.

When choosing the right access control system for your business, opt for the solution that caters to your general convenience while also bearing in mind that it takes patience to implement new technology and be ready to adapt to a new way of doing things.


Lastly, when it comes to choosing the right access control system for your business, much of what you decide will depend on the amount of protection that you want in place.

For instance, a large commercial office building will likely have different security requirements than a gated apartment community. Luckily, access control offers plenty of versatility to match the unique needs and requirements of any commercial business.

Start your search by outlining and identifying your current security requirements and priorities, then expand or scale back where appropriate.

This will help in recognizing internal and external threats to your organization that you want to prevent and matching the complexities of your business operations with the right access control system for your needs.


The security of your business is nothing that should be taken lightly, and there are several things you should consider before purchasing an access control system.

We hope this article highlighted a few of the most prevalent things to consider before purchasing your next access control system to help you make the most informed decision possible.

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