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Brea Access Control System

What is an Electronic Access Control System?

The electronic access control system replace the traditional key and master key system with keyless access control locks. It has 2 basic components:

Control Panel and Software. This is the brain of the system and contains the database of approved people and credentials. It contains the commands for each entryway within the facility of property - time schedules for opening and closing of entrances, security levels for all personnel, etc. Easy to use software is used to track entry of people, where they went and when they entered. It creates time stamped records of all ingress and egress and an audit trail can be pulled up when a security breach occurs to help in the investigation of the incident.

Entry Devices. They physically control ingress and egress into doors and entryways. There are several kinds used:


Access is allowed when a password or code is used on a keypad.

Biometric Access Control

Fast gaining popularity, human characteristics such as a fingerprint, the retina or hand geometry are used to verify identity using a small screen or a biometric reader.

Access Control Key Card Reader

A smart card or key fob is used to gain entry through a card reader. To date, this is still the most widely used option.

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