Commercial Locksmith Services

The commercial locksmith team at Action 1st Loss Prevention is made up of dedicated professional security experts, who put your needs as number one in coming up with the right solutions for your building security and budget.

Your business is your livelihood, and it deserves protection and care.  Every business should consider the importance of its security, and also the security of the employees.  We are here to help you, whether you are concerned about just a few doors, or you need security for a large building or complex.  

Whether you need commercial door key replacements, a few door security additions, or a commercial master key system, employing a combination of physical keys and computerized electronic access systems, we are the best commercial locksmith in the Orange County area.  

We offer a full line of commercial locksmith services including:

  • Commercial Door Hardware Installation and Repair including door operators, closers, and all types of hardware including panic hardware
  • Commercial Warehouse Roll-up Door Installation and Repair
  • Card Key Systems
  • Electronic Access Systems
  • Smart Locks
  • Biometric Systems
  • Keyless Entry Systems
  • Master Key Systems (as described fully below)

We work with you to provide optimal security for your organization and simplicity for those who need to access it, and those who need to track who accessed what, where, and when.  Electronic access control makes it easy to control who has access when and to which facilities and areas.

Action 1st Loss Prevention puts your needs first and you will always find us responsive, informative, and quick to help.

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    Computerized master key systems

    Commercial master key systems provide easy tenant and/or employee access control to offices and other commercial buildings while offering maximum security and control over your facility. Computerized master key systems provide easy admittance and restriction without the need for multiple keys per person.

    Commercial Locksmith Keys

    Commercial Master Key Systems

    Action 1st Loss Prevention’s computerized master key system options extend up to six different access levels, if needed, and can be used together with electronic access control systems.

    How Commercial Master Key Systems Work

    Imagine a 10-story office building with a suite of offices on each floor. Each suite has five tenants. The tenants, along with various support teams such as maintenance crews, cleaning crews and other support staff, require various levels of access to the building.

    • Building Engineer or Manager—Grand Master Key: A master key holder has access to the entire building, including: suites, offices, common areas, and other rooms within the building.
    • Maintenance Crews: A maintenance supervisor’s key may access most areas of the building except for areas they would not be required, such as a server room. The maintenance crew members may hold keys to the areas they will work such as one or two suites and the offices within those suites.
    • Cleaning Crews: A cleaning supervisor’s key may access most areas of the building except for areas they would not be required, such as a mechanical room. The cleaning crew members may hold keys to the areas they will work such as one or two suites and the offices within those suites.
    • Suite Master Keys: Access to an individual suite and all offices within that suite.
    • Department Keys: Departments such as marketing or human resources may have access to multiple offices within one suite.
    • Office Keys: Access to one office within a suite.

    Commercial Locksmith Building View

    Customized computerized master key systems

    Action 1st Loss Prevention’s commercial locksmith service team will configure a system based on your organization’s specific access security needs and facility layout. These systems are generated with unique software tailored to your specific setup.

    Each key is code stamped with an ID label and therefore Action 1st is able to maintain accurate records that allow customers to add, delete, or make changes to their master key systems.

    Action 1st handles everything from commercial key cutting or business rekey, to commercial lock configuration and commercial access control system maintenance. New commercial door hardware installations, replacements, and repairs are also provided by Action 1st.

    Do you already have a computerized master key system in place?

    With unique master key software, Action 1st Loss Prevention can continue to support your existing system, or rekey your current locks leaving your existing hardware in place.

    Commercial Locksmith Providing Keys

    Our computerized master key systems offer unmatched simplicity and safety. For complete building security control, contact an Action 1st Loss Prevention commercial locksmith.