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Warehouse Access Control Solutions

"Warehouse access control system installation in Orange County, CA. See how upgrading from traditional locks and using keyless entry systems can help secure your building and protect your employees."

Managing a warehouse demands both a unique skillset and mindset, as it involves a team of people who must work together for a common purpose. This requires specially trained staff members who can fulfill complex inventory and shipping requirements as well as handle equipment and machinery both safely and efficiently.

In a warehouse environment you also have the added challenge of monitoring workers that are constantly moving around. It is a good idea to have a policy that restricts the travel of workers to only the areas their responsibilities require them to be in. This cuts down quite a bit on productivity lost to “visiting”, prevents injuries that occur when people are hanging out in areas they are not trained in, and also is a big step in helping to prevent theft.
In today’s society of heightened facility security awareness, technology is now being used to save lives, property and other important items. Keyless entry access control devices are playing an integral role in safeguarding a facility while keeping workers safe and productive. Furthermore, controlling the common entry points of the facility and working areas with security devices, can also add an extra level of safety.

Among other benefits, a keyless entry system gives workers a break from carrying around a pocket full of keys. Keyless entry systems allow workers to open doors with the swipe of a card or with the push of a series of buttons. Regardless of the model, access control devices basically function in similar ways. Typical entry equipment collects data from the user. This data is then turned into a code or number, which is often sent to an electronic controller where pre-determined parameters are already set up. These parameters can not only include which areas the person is permitted to access, but can also include specific allowable hours of access as well.

Electronic Access Control System Options

There are several access control models available on the market today for commercial use. Some system options include magnetic stripe swipe cards, proximity systems, or biometric scanners that analyze fingerprints and/or perform retina scans. A keyless entry access control system can also include a keypad.

Pending approval, the door will either lock or unlock. Systems use software integration on the backend, most typically today, in the cloud. With this back-end solution, employees are easily added and removed to gain access to several areas, or a specific area or facility. This also provides an increased security level, as well as a full audit and reporting capability.

Advantages Over Master Key Systems

If you are the owner or manager of a warehouse, you probably encounter problems with locks and keys frequently. Workers can forget their keys and need to be let into their facilities. If a key is lost, the lock needs to be changed to prevent someone who finds it from entering the warehouse. When an employee resigns, the lock needs to be changed to prevent him or her from gaining further access.

Installing keyless entry locks in your warehouse can eliminate these problems. You will not need to change the locks every time a worker leaves. If with a keyless entry system, the card is lost, it can simply be deactivated so it can no longer be used if it is found, and a new card can be issued.

The importance of supervision and accountability in running your warehouse is often the primary difference between a chaotic mess and an orderly operation. An electronic access control system will make managing access and preventing theft much easier.

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