Orange County Commercial Door Repair and Maintenance Services

Ensure your building or office doors are functioning properly with Action 1st Loss Prevention’s commercial door repair services. Whether you need commercial door alignment, repair, or replacement hardware, Action 1st Loss Prevention provides quality service and quick lead-times to ensure your business remains protected and secure. Call today to schedule an appointment for Orange County commercial door repair.


Why Repair or Update Your Commercial Doors

With all the other details required to run a successful business, door maintenance may be last on your list and we understand this. The good news is that our team of experts that specialize in Orange County commercial door repair can take the reins for you and get the job done with little intrusion or time-intensive discussions.

With their everyday use, we often take doors for granted. Yet they provide security and safety, allow for easy access, and are the first tactile experience for your customers. They open your door and flow into your business effortlessly, or struggle with the handle or the pneumatic surface closer that doesn’t seem to be working quite right.

Like most equipment that slowly breaks down, putting off an Orange County commercial door repair can be costly. What started as a door in need of a simple adjustment slowly morphs into the need for a whole new door as people fight against the defect.

It’s like a car that simply needed brakes. Before you know it, and due to that all too common human behavior known as procrastination, the simple brake job turned into four new rotors.

Don’t delay to take action, if your door requires immediate repair. We work on and install all types of commercial doors, from automatic, roll-up, and emergency, to revolving and automatic.

Contact our team of experts at Action 1st today.

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    Action 1st Loss Prevention specializes in commercial door repair services in Orange County, CA. The dispatchers and service technicians understand that the safety and security requirements of your building are number one. Proper commercial door maintenance and installation helps reduce repair needs and door failure.

    commercial door repair inside building hallway

    Why Work with Action 1st Loss Prevention

    Action 1st Loss Prevention’s professional commercial door repair specialists are capable of handling any commercial door and accompanying hardware. When you call on Action 1st, you can rest assured we will get it right the first time. You can rely on our expert technicians for proper installation and immediate repair.

    Commercial Door Services & Products


    • Commercial door alignment
    • Commercial door frame repair
    • Commercial door installation
    • Commercial door adjustment
    • Commercial door closer adjustment
    • Commercial door replacement
    • Commercial door threshold repair
    • Commercial door closer replacement

    Commercial door operators

    • Automatic door openers
    • Automatic door operators

    Commercial door closers

    • Pneumatic surface mounted closers
    • Concealed overhead closers
    • Threshold closers

    Commercial door hardware

    Action 1st has access to all hardware manufacturers for:

    • Door hardware installation
    • Door hardware repair

    Panic hardware

    Lock your building from the inside and exit safely so as to comply with fire and building codes:

    • Panic hardware
    • Exit devices
    • Electronic exit devices

    Warehouse roll-up doors

    Action 1st will install or repair:

    • Warehouse roll-up doors
    • Side rails
    • Mechanical door operators
    • Electric door operators

    commercial door repair closerDoorRepair2

    Whether you’re looking for a new installation, commercial door maintenance or repair, or panic hardware installation, we can help. Contact us today to make an appointment.