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Manufacturing Facility Access Control Installation in Orange County, CA

Orange County Access Control System for Engineering and Manufacturing Facilities

The need for access control in every office complex is generally acknowledged, including access control for a manufacturing facility in Orange County, CA. For systems as basic as key entry or as complex as facial scanning, the obvious benefit of access control systems is to limit the entry of unauthorized intruders or personnel, protecting your business against damage and theft, and protecting your employees from harm. Small business that require simple one way access control and large corporations with multiple security gateways can ramp up protection using facility access control systems.

Manufacturing enterprises have increased challenges of ensuring safe arrival and storing of parts and raw materials, secure manufacturing processes, protection against theft and casualties, and reliable delivery of finished goods to ensure customer satisfaction.
Physical and logical security in manufacturing plants and other industrial firms is a pressing and persistent concern. Controlling access to and within the site and protecting information and automation systems from breaches is essential. Physical or digital security lapses, whether accidental or malicious, can cause significant damage, particularly when those lapses harm personnel, the equipment or environment, or compromise quality.

The Benefits of Facility Access Control

That is why manufacturers need industry-leading security access control system solutions to provide increased security for facilities and enhanced information management and reporting capabilities. Integrated security solutions include a variety of access control systems tools, and management tools to streamline and enhance security operations and reporting. Here are some of the benefits of access control systems to manufacturing facilities and industrial engineering offices.

Minimize Long Term Costs

Electronic access control systems can be re-programmed easily and reduce the need for changing locks, or other additional services. If you use smart card access control, you will be able to re-program new cards in the event of theft or loss. If you use keypads or biometric access, changing codes and adding or revoking access is even easier and costs nothing.

Keeping a Record of Who is Coming and Going

Controlling your employee, vendor, visitor, and maintenance staff access is extremely easy. With the automatic logging of entry and exits, you have a record of all entry, of all areas, duration, and exits, as well as times and dates. Further as an additional option, your access control system can be integrated with time and attendance, and time clock systems, to track and record your employee hours.

In all cases, reports can be easily accessed and generated to show, who was in and out of the office at a particular time. This is particularly helpful in case of a breach or theft.

Easily control access to highly secured areas.

With access control systems, you have the ability to easily grant and evoke access to a specific area within minutes. You also have the ability to grant temporary access for a particular date and/or time period.

For manufacturing facilities this means different areas of the manufacturing facility might need different security access in order to keep unauthorized people out. Examples include raw materials and parts inventory, work-in-process (WIP), staging areas, cleaning areas, inspection areas, testing areas, finished product areas. You can specifically program entry per distinct area and handle shift workers as well.

You also have the ability to keep out or provide limited access to cleaning people, vendors, employees from specific areas and fired employees.

Keys are not lost.

With keyless entry systems, an area is most often secured by coded access through a keypad, fingerprint scanner, keycard, or other means. For businesses with a large number of employees, this means you won’t have to worry about keys becoming lost and ending up in the wrong hands.

No need for “emergency” keys.

With the popularity of keyed locks has also come the common practice of hiding an “emergency” key somewhere in case a key is misplaced, broken, or stolen. With keyless entry systems, there is no need for emergency keys, which reduces your risk of unauthorized access.

Access is monitored.

With keyless entry, each authorized user can be assigned a specific code with which to gain access. Also, keyless entry systems provide a log so you can see who gained access to a secure area and when. This allows employees to be accountable for their own code, and can reduce code sharing and access by unauthorized personnel – something not possible with a key.

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