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Key Fob System - The Best Keyless Locks for Schools in Orange County, CA

Posted on December 5, 2022

As school security increasingly becomes a top concern for everyone in the education sector, more measures are being explored to protect students and faculty. While installing keyless access control systems is currently the best way to guarantee the security and safety of students and faculty as well as priceless equipment, finding the best key fob entry system for schools may be another challenge.

Security is crucial for the protection of student and faculty, as well as valuable assets like property and equipment. However, campus buildings have a lot of classroom doors, making it difficult to manage the use of locks and keys on a large scale.

Let’s discuss what keyless access control systems are and how they work, and examine some of the best types of door key fob systems for schools and what to consider before purchasing. Discover how Action 1st Loss Prevention can help you improve the access control solutions at your school.

How Do Keyless Access Control Systems Work?

Despite their futuristic appearance, keyless locks are security staples many people have already used. Keyless entrance systems operate on the same principles as mechanical locks but allow access to a limited or restricted area without the use of a physical key.

In an emergency, keyless locks serve the overarching purpose of keeping faculty and students safe by adhering to established safety organization codes. Although they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, there are generally three different keyless entry types for each system:

Keypad-Controlled Keyless Entry Systems

Even though this system provides a remote layer of security that is easy to implement, keyless school door locks with a keypad cannot be remotely managed.

This restricts the functionality of the lock in comparison to other, more technologically advanced lock systems, such as cloud-based systems, and necessitates office occupants and IT administrators to physically be present to input the key code in order to gain access or resolve any issues.

Key Fob Keyless Entry Systems

Key fob keyless entry systems allow users to gain access to specific areas of a building with a simple tap of the key fob or keycard. While these proximity keyless entry systems offer administrators and users a little bit more flexibility, key fobs and smart cards are only operational from a close distance and lack any remote management capabilities.

However, these systems make it relatively easy for school administrators to assign and deactivate access and to act quickly in the event that an access fob is lost or stolen.

Smart Locks / Remote Keyless Entry Systems

For access control and remote lock management, smart locks, also known as remote keyless entry systems, utilize wireless protocols like Bluetooth or WiFi. Smart locks, on the other hand, lock and unlock your building using a keyed lock, a key card access system, or a combination of access control solutions.

The safest working environment for employees is created when advanced smart locks are combined with other access control systems, such as security cameras and alarm systems.

5 Best Keyless Entry Door Locks for Schools

Keyless locks are a rapidly expanding technology that can be used to protect all areas of your school with a variety of technologies. Consider the following types of keyless entry access control systems to make your school facility safer:

Swipe Cards

Swipe cards are a common form of access control in schools and educational facilities. Each employee receives a card that has been pre-programmed with their access information and frequently includes a photo ID for added security.

This allows the employee to access a variety of areas throughout the facility using a card reader. Swipe cards can also be easily fastened to a lanyard, which faculty, staff, and visitors can clip to their clothes and carry with them at all times.

Keypad Readers

With keypad readers, each door's locking mechanism is used to control access based on a password that each employee enters. Access control systems with keypad readers can be programmed to require a different passcode for each door as an additional security measure. Keypad readers can be utilized both independently and as a part of a unique access control system.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Certain areas of the facility, such as research labs and operating rooms, must have strict access credentials because medical facilities are subject to strict access control regulations due to the highly sensitive data they handle.

With biometric readers, authorized users must scan their fingerprints, palm prints, or retinas to enter a specific building or area. The risk of unauthorized access is significantly decreased by this type of access control, which is also very dependable.

Multi-Factor Authentication

A user using a multi-factor authentication system needs to show two different forms of identification in order to open a specific door. Some examples of acceptable forms of identification include passcodes, mobile device codes, swipe cards, fingerprints, and others.

By using this method of access control, you can make sure that the person attempting to access the area is who they say they are.

Cloud-Based Access Control Systems

Last but not least, cloud-based access control involves allowing individuals access through their smartphone or tablet device. A code is generated after a user downloads a software application to their smartphone or tablet device based on their level of authorization.

The access control reader scans their device as they approach the area and either allows or denies access based on their credentials.

Discover How Action 1st Loss Prevention Can Help Keep Your School Safe

Colleges and universities place a critical priority on student safety. Keyless locks have so many features, options, and benefits that there is no reason not to think about enhancing the security solutions on your school campus.

At Action 1st Loss Prevention, we're dedicated to providing our customers with a variety of security solutions that meet their unique standards and school safety regulations. Our knowledgeable team has helped organizations of all sizes choose the best school security access control solution for their objectives, requirements, and budget, thanks to its more than 30 years of security and access control experience.

Let Action 1st Loss Prevention help you choose the best keyless entry access control system for your school. Contact one of our security experts at (949) 828-3008 to learn about the best solution for your school’s needs!

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