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Use our commercial electronic door lock system in Los Angeles

Posted on May 10, 2019

Owners of businesses have to worry constantly about security. You are not only responsible for the safety of clients and visitors to your building, but also of every staff member working in all areas of your commercial space. Not only do you have to protect your assets, you need to take steps to make your building safe and free of thieves, intruders and other uninvited guests on your property. Until now, you may have been relying heavily upon the help of a security team, but think that you could benefit from making use of a commercial electronic door lock system for your Los Angeles property.

Make your team happier with a Commercial Electronic Door Lock System for your Los Angeles Property

When you rely upon traditional security guards and basic CCTV, you may not realize that your staff members are worrying about their security. This might include having previously found people wandering on the property when they should not be there, or doors being accidentally left open at night. People can occasionally leave a side door or fire escape open in their home, so the longer you leave single-key lock systems in place, the more likely is that security will be overlooked. With a keyless system, the door will close behind each member of staff, and cards control access to all points in the building. Unlike keys, these cards cannot be copied or misused, and so you can reduce the chances of unauthorized people having access to your Orange County business.

Keyless access and the public

Many businesses stick with traditional locking systems because they believe that this is the only way to keep customers happy. However, we find that businesses which are in the public eye, and that may have a high turnover of staff, tend to do better with a keyless entry system. Card access can be revoked with the touch of a button, and a new card given to each joining member of staff easily. You don't have to worry about keys being damaged, stolen by former employees and copied, or even being left in the lock. A simple wave of the hand over the entry system, and your staff get access to the private areas. You can start today in changing your locks to better meet the needs of your staff and customers, and to improve security throughout your property.

Anyone can use these systems

The big advantage to Action 1st's commercial electronic door lock system in Los Angeles businesses is that they can be operated by anyone. You don't have to worry about complex training, and your HR team will quickly learn what inputs the system needs to operate. Whether you are running a medical center or a pharmacy; banks and investment business; commercial offices, or schools, childcare and play areas, you want to make sure that you can get the best entry system available. Find out today how we can assist you in protecting your business by contacting our staff through our message form, or by calling us directly at (949) 828-3008 now.

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