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Access Control Systems and Returning to the Office Arrangements

Posted on March 7, 2022

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The COVID-19 pandemic has altered practically every area of commercial businesses over the last two years, and many experts anticipate that many things will not return to their pre-COVID-19 state. This is especially true in the case of building management, particularly for commercial businesses. 

With the addition of new health and safety concerns resulting from the pandemic, commercial business spaces will need to be redesigned to ensure functional use of space. This will include the following:

As many businesses return to offices and buildings, integrators must assist clients in fast-adapting to a new normal. As they upgrade their commercial facilities to help keep everyone safe and secure in their daily environments, one of the best ways to do so is through the help of a key card entry system

There are multiple ways access control solutions can help your business address new problems brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Read on to know how you can keep your employees safe moving forward by getting a free consultation with Action 1st Loss Prevention.

How Access Control Systems Can Help You Get Back to the Office

As employees return to the workplace during COVID-19, their safety and the protection of those who visit your worksite become a primary focus. While you cannot be present 24 hours a day, your access system can help in the following ways.

Easy Access For Authorized Users

Depending on the frequency and sort of clients you service, you may have hundreds or only a few visitors per day. In either instance, you want to ensure that your staff has simple access to the locations where they need to be. This means they won't have to worry about forgetting their key for the day.

Similarly, while it's crucial for employees to be able to roam about your property freely, you don't want guests entering restricted areas. An access control solution eliminates the need for manual locking and unlocking processes, keeping these places safe from intruders.

Logging And Reports

Running a business entails predicting difficulties and devising solutions to them. Unfortunately, manually monitoring factors like when employees arrive at work, whether they follow work regulations, and when they leave can be difficult.

Using the access system's data, you can learn when and by whom the building is accessed and even monitor activity across the whole property. As a result, you can help your employees and develop solutions so they can accomplish their daily tasks with more ease. 

Access Control And Security Systems Work Together

Integrating your access control system with other security devices will provide the best benefit to your business, both in terms of return to the office and general safety. 

After all, door access control is only one component of a comprehensive security system that is required to safeguard your business's systems, employees, and profits. Access control can be integrated with other systems such as security systems, fire safety systems, security cameras, to name a few.

Touchless Access

Touchless credentials also offer more sanitary standards for authenticating into networks, paying for vending machines, and activating printers. Physical keys, keycards, or fobs are vulnerable to being cloned, misplaced, or stolen. Plus, they can be very unsanitary. Anyone returning to work during or after the pandemic will be extremely susceptible to contamination.

Touchless access control systems provide a simple and secure method of entering any building or office using only your face or mobile phone. The replacement of outdated security methods with touchless access control is a prime example of using new security methods to make the workplace more secure to enter and exit.

Visitor Management

Visitors add a new variable. They must be credentialed upon arrival, and their whereabouts within the building must be known for security purposes in case contact tracking is required.

Visitors can travel safely with the help of sound policies and cutting-edge technology. Visitor management systems can be used independently or in tandem with an organization's access control system. Additionally, a touchless check-in experience will put people at ease. This not only reassures guests that you care about their safety, but also boosts building security.

Location Services

Knowing where people are at any given time is critical to keeping them physically apart. Location services, similar to how Global Positioning System (GPS) works in outside environments, use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacons to ping off gateways, which can then identify the location of persons in a physical space. 

By knowing how many individuals are in a specific space at any given time, location services enable proactive management in their efforts to achieve physical separation.

Remote Security Management

Since most modern access control systems are cloud-based, you may grant or revoke permits, modify accessibility schedules, and change permission levels from anywhere, at any time. As a result, the system eliminates the need for physical or face-to-face encounters in order to provide keycards.

Protect Your Workplace With Action 1st Loss Prevention

When organizations consider returning to the physical workplace, they must adjust to new regulations, establish new procedures, and use top-tier technology to alleviate their employees' anxieties. Your commercial business can adapt to new requirements and respond rapidly as new difficulties develop with access control systems.

If you’re looking for the best solution for increasing the safety and security in your office building, Action 1st Loss Prevention’s team of access control specialists can help. With more than 30 years of security and access control experience, we've helped organizations of all sizes find the appropriate security solution for their goals, requirements, and budget. 
To get a quote on commercial building access control solutions, contact Action 1st Loss Prevention today for a free consultation.

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