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Common Misconceptions We Hear About Mobile Access Control

Posted on July 3, 2023

Mobile access control has gained popularity as more and more organizations adopt digital transformation due to its effectiveness and adaptability. Users may simply access secured locations through their smartphones. Thanks to mobile credentials, which have replaced traditional key cards! Get the most accurate and up-to-date information about mobile phone access control solutions from Action 1st!

In the ever-evolving landscape of access control systems, mobile access control has emerged as a convenient and secure solution. However, with new advancements come misconceptions that may cloud our understanding of their true potential.

In this blog, we debunk common myths and misconceptions surrounding mobile access control, shed light on its benefits, and dispel any concerns.

As more businesses embrace digital transformation, mobile access control has gained traction for its efficiency and flexibility. With mobile credentials replacing traditional key cards, users can conveniently access secured areas through their smartphones.

Contrary to misconceptions about security risks, modern mobile access control solutions offer robust encryption and authentication measures, safeguarding against unauthorized access.

5 Myths About Mobile Phone Access Control

Mobile phone access control systems have revolutionized the way businesses manage security and streamline access to their premises. However, several misconceptions persist regarding their reliability and functionality.

Below, we debunk common myths surrounding mobile phone access control and shed light on the truth behind these misconceptions.

No Access During Power Outage

One prevalent myth is that mobile phone access control becomes ineffective during power outages. In reality, modern access control systems incorporate backup power solutions, ensuring continuous functionality even in emergencies.

Cloud-based access control further enhances resilience, allowing users to manage access permissions remotely.

Limited Access During Emergency

Another misconception suggests that mobile phone access control limits entry during emergencies. In truth, mobile phone access control systems offer enhanced flexibility and can be programmed to adapt to emergency protocols.

Authorized personnel can quickly modify access permissions to accommodate emergency response and ensure smooth operations.

Keycards are Faster than Mobile Phone Access Control

One common misconception is that traditional keycards are faster than mobile phone access control. In reality, mobile access control offers a swift and convenient entry process. With a simple tap or swipe on the mobile device, users can gain access seamlessly, eliminating the need to fumble for physical keycards.

Mobile Access Control is Expensive

Another myth suggests that mobile access control is cost-prohibitive. On the contrary, mobile access control solutions can be a cost-effective choice in the long run. By eliminating the need for physical keycards and their associated costs, businesses can save on card replacements and maintenance expenses.

Mobile Access Control App Will Drain My Phone’s Battery

There's a misconception that using a mobile access control app will drain the phone's battery rapidly. In truth, modern access control apps are designed to be energy-efficient, consuming minimal power during operation. Additionally, advancements in technology have optimized app performance for smooth functionality without compromising battery life.

4 Features Every Mobile Phone Access Control System Must Have

Mobile phone access control systems offer a cutting-edge solution for modern security needs, combining convenience and enhanced functionality. To ensure the effectiveness and reliability of such systems, certain key features are essential.

Here are the must-have features that every mobile phone access control system should possess:

Smart Security

A robust mobile phone access control system should employ advanced encryption and authentication protocols, safeguarding against unauthorized access. Two-factor authentication, biometric verification, and secure cloud-based storage are essential components of smart security.

These measures ensure that only authorized individuals gain access to the premises, preventing potential security breaches and providing peace of mind to facility managers and business owners.

Seamless Access

The hallmark of a top-notch mobile phone access control system is seamless entry. Users should be able to gain access with ease through their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physical keycards or fobs.

Whether using NFC, Bluetooth, or mobile credentials, the access process should be intuitive and efficient, allowing employees, visitors, or contractors to move effortlessly through access points.

Real-Time Data

Real-time data access is critical for efficient security management. Mobile access control systems should provide instant updates on user activities, access attempts, and any security breaches, allowing administrators to respond promptly to potential threats.

This empowers facility managers to make data-driven decisions, identify patterns or anomalies, and implement necessary adjustments to continuously enhance security measures.

Easy Cloud-based Management

Cloud-based management offers unparalleled convenience for system administrators. From anywhere with an internet connection, administrators can easily manage access permissions, revoke or grant access, and generate access reports in real time.

This centralized control simplifies access management for multiple locations and ensures that changes in access rights are promptly applied across the entire system.

Ways Mobile Phone Access Control Systems Streamline Access Management

Access control systems via smartphones have revolutionized access management for businesses and organizations of all sizes. These advanced systems offer a seamless and efficient way to manage entry points and streamline access control.

Here are the key ways mobile phone access control systems contribute to a streamlined access management process:

  1. Convenient Mobile Credentials - With mobile phone access control, users no longer need to carry physical key cards or fobs. Instead, their smartphones act as their access credentials. This eliminates the need for distributing, tracking, and replacing physical credentials, saving time and resources for both facility managers and users.
  2. Enhanced User Access Controls - Mobile phone access control systems allow for more granular control over user access levels. Facility managers can assign different access privileges to various individuals based on their roles and responsibilities, ensuring that employees, visitors, and contractors have appropriate access to authorized areas.
  3. Streamlined Onboarding and Offboarding - When an employee leaves the organization, access management can become challenging with traditional key cards. Mobile phone access control simplifies the offboarding process, as access credentials can be remotely deactivated immediately.

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