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Workplace Security Best Practices

Posted on November 15, 2021

Before accepting a job position, one of the most important factors that a person looks for is the business's overall security.  It is the organization’s responsibility to ensure that employees have a safe working environment at all times. As a result, businesses of all industries are continuously looking for new ways to improve their workplace security implementing commercial key fob door lock and key card access systems.

Security should always be a top consideration, whether you work in an office or a factory. A safe workplace is one that is devoid of risks, and employees, managers, and directors should all work together to keep it that way. There are best practices your organization can implement to ensure employees feel safe at work such as getting commercial electronic door lock systems or keyless entry installation services.

How Do You Ensure Security in the Workplace?

If your organization is looking to improve your safety and security conditions, contact Action 1st today to discuss our various commercial security solutions that can help give your employees peace of mind while working. 

Below are a few methods you can use within your organization to promote a more secure workplace.

Implement And Promote a Security System

A good security system is no longer a luxury only afforded to major corporations. Video surveillance is becoming more widespread for small businesses as more choices become accessible on the market.

Once you've installed your security system, make sure that any possible intruders are aware of it. If a robber sees security cameras or placards, they are less inclined to target a business. Businesses can follow this lead and deter thieves from striking by publicizing their security measures. Make sure your security system is well-publicized at all access and exit points.

Regularly Inspect All Exit and Entry Points

Open reception areas, faulty elevators, and unsecured fire stairwells all provide opportunities for criminals to gain access to your workplace.

Check these locations on a regular basis to see if there are any weaknesses, and make sure to address any issues on your property as quickly as feasible. The majority of intruders get access to businesses via doors and windows. Always keep an eye on these.

Train All Employees

When you aren't around, your employees are often your eyes and ears. It's important that all of your staff are on board with safeguarding your business and are familiar with your safety and security processes. Involve your employees in the planning process for these procedures to generate interest in the company's safety and security. Allow children to contribute ideas and feedback in order to instill a sense of responsibility in them.

Create Safe Workplaces

While stopping a prospective intruder from accessing the business is a top priority, there are steps that may be taken to reduce theft and damage if someone does get in.

The simplest place to begin is to warn staff not to leave valuables out in the open or in clearly accessible locations. File all documents in filing cabinets, especially if it contains sensitive information. Keep any paper documents that need to be shredded in a secure, hidden location. If your team is staying late, get them in the habit of checking and securing doors and windows.

4 Security Best Practices to Protect Your Business

Here are four easy to implement security practices to protect your business:

Be Proactive in Your Approach

Too many individuals consider security to be a cause-and-effect situation. In actuality, being on the cutting edge of issues is the best security precaution you can take. Identify and handle difficulties immediately to ensure that you are prepared later.

Use Fail-Safe Locks

Security precautions are strongly dependent on various circumstances. We build locks to restrict access, yet individuals need to be able to move freely and rapidly in the event of an emergency. The term "fail-safe" refers to the fact that electricity is used to lock the door. Those doors will be unlocked if the power goes out. These locks are frequently found in lobbies and stairwells.

Different locks are necessary depending on the area of the building. Make certain you're choosing the right locks and materials for the job. If a power outage occurs, you'll want to ensure that people can get away while important data is kept safe.

Have a System for Mass Notification

Faulty communication is one of the most significant obstacles and hazards during a crisis. You may be putting people at risk if you don't notify them quickly enough. People may not take the matter seriously or follow necessary procedures if inaccurate information is conveyed. Even though workers are informed on safety precautions during onboarding, they become irrational once fear and terror set in.

A mass notification system can protect individuals in an emergency by reducing fear and providing clear instructions on how to proceed. Having a well-thought-out and short message prepared ahead of time guarantees that everyone receives the same, succinct message when it is most needed. Mass notification systems help to keep the turmoil to a minimum, ensuring that everyone is safe.

Set up an Access Control System

The term "access control" refers to an electronic system that regulates and restricts access to specific regions. You've probably seen this in the form of key cards that open doors. You don't have to control who enters and departs every door, but certain places require more scrutiny. You can quickly add and remove rights with an access control system. You won't have to worry about security breaches if someone loses a key or is fired. You also don't have to change the locks.

How Action 1st Can Help with Your Workplace Security

In any business, workplace safety and security are critically important, so it’s vital that you make sure your procedures are well-defined and that all employees are aware of them. To consistently maintain security, make sure you're always innovating to stay ahead of the latest safety and security concerns and consider implementing some of the best practices we provided for you above.

Are you a business owner with additional questions about how to improve the overall security of your workplace? Look no further than Action 1st.

At Action 1st, we can assist you in selecting and installing the best security solution to increase your commercial business's overall security and protect its visitors and staff. We specialize in providing various key card access systems that meet each organization's security needs we work with, with over 30 years of experience. We also give comprehensive training to ensure that your security investment pays off.
To schedule a free consultation and learn more about how we can help your company’s employees and assets remain safe, contact Action 1st today.

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