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Key Card Access Control Systems for Parking Lot Entry and Exit

Posted on September 24, 2020

Securing parking facilities is becoming increasingly necessary in dense urban locations and to protect access to a parking structure as well as the building it is associated with, a key card entry system is the safest and most reliable choice.

To understand how key card access control systems work for parking lots and the benefits that come with them, we encourage you to keep reading.

How Do key Cards Work for Access Control?

Unlike traditional locks and keys, each key card is inscribed with a unique code that grants the holder access to the building or parking structure. This makes for a far more secure access system since the lock cannot be picked or tampered with and access is easily controlled via software.

With key cards, a chip inside the waterproof cards contains the code data that either grants or refuses access to the parking lot’s electronically-powered doors or electronic arms. The long range key card reader is installed onto the door and the cardholder simply has to wave their card near the reader to gain access to the parking lot.

When the code on the card is recognized by the card reader, smart technology communicates with the door to unlock and allow access. With a reliable system, such as what Action 1st provides, this is a very streamlined process that will take less than a second to work.

This is a very convenient system for both the owner of the parking lot and for key card users who no longer have to rely on traditional keys that are easily lost and time-consuming to replace. Electronic access control systems are also incredibly reliable and will ensure that your parking structure stays secure 24/7.

Features of a Key Card Entry System

The main feature of key card access control systems is the great amount of security they bring to your commercial property. Traditional locks can easily be picked or tampered with by intruders, and lost keys can create a big security and property risk.

The code inscribed on key cards is unique to that card and can be overwritten with ease. That means that if the card is lost or the card user no longer has the right to use the parking structure, access can be immediately and easily revoked by simply changing their access code.

There are also additional features that will make your parking lot safer and more secure for everyone. For instance, you will be able to track when your parking lot users access the structure. This can be useful in the case of disturbances, intrusions, or other issues that might arise.

The tracking feature is also very necessary if the users only pay to use it for part of the day, week, or month. Tracking data allows you to keep tabs on which users overstay and should be charged or fined.

If your parking lot is attached to a hotel, a key card system is perfect because it can be connected to their hotel room and programmed for the duration of their stay. This is convenient for guests and hotel staff and will minimize check-in and check out time.

Alongside these features, it should also be noted that key cards are thin and easy to keep track of by simply keeping them in your wallet or cardholder. This reduces the likelihood of misplacing or losing the key card and makes carrying around the key much more convenient.

Benefits of a Parking Management System

The many features and convenience of key card access systems create an efficient system for any parking lot structure and also increases security. There are a number of other benefits that come with upgrading to key cards from traditional locks and keys such as:

1. Keeping Detailed Records

The software connected with the card reader will automatically store information pertaining to the usage of the parking lot. That means you will have a comprehensive record of who is using the parking lot and when.

There will also be a record of attempted entries that are unsuccessful so that you are aware of who is trying to gain access to your property without permission.

These records are useful for any property owner or manager who wants to keep track of usage and understand how best to utilize the parking structure.

2. Monitor the Doors

Beyond just knowing when people are using the parking lot, there is also a live door monitoring feature. You can outfit your doors with sensors that alert you if the doors are left open for lengthy periods of time.

This makes preventing unauthorized entry much easier and more efficient. It also means that visitors cannot park without paying or without permission from the parking lot manager or owner.

3. Easy Database Maintenance

Our key card access systems utilize smart technology that stores information in an easy-to-use database. This database allows the parking lot manager or owner to grant or deny access to key card users remotely.

This can be done according to time slots or a schedule that may be unique to your parking structure. When you no longer wish someone to have access, you simply reprogram their card to revoke entry.

This system could not be simpler to use and greatly increases the security of your parking lot. You will no longer have unwanted guests or overstayers using your parking lot without paying or without full permission.

Find the Right Key Card Access Control Systems for Your Parking Lot

Having total control over the security of your parking structure will ensure that cars are kept safe and the property is well-maintained. Key cards are also much easier and more affordable to replace than traditional keys and will save you both time and money throughout the year.

If you wish to upgrade your Orange County parking lot’s security, contact our team at Action 1st today, our experts will be happy to discuss the right option for your needs.

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