Leverage Your Access Control System with Mobile Credentials

Leverage Your Access Control System with Mobile Credentials

Using cloud-based access control system for office buildings and warehouse facilities is a significant concern for every business. With an increasing number of companies of all sizes opting to use cloud-based access control for their security, particularly mobile credentials, these access control systems have become an essential part of corporate security.

There are plenty of advantages that come with using Bluetooth readers to verify a particular employee’s cell phone credentials. In this article, we will look at how you can better leverage these systems for your organization.

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The Technology of Access Control System with Mobile Credentials

Mobile access control systems use various technologies to allow users to gain access to restricted areas and proprietary information. Let’s take a look at the major technology used in cloud-based mobile access control systems.

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)

Mobile access control manufacturers commonly use Bluetooth to allow workers to communicate with a remote reader via their smartphone.

Access readers that use Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) can communicate with a user’s device without the need for manual pairing and also have enough bandwidth to power a secure connection, allowing workers’ devices to communicate with a remote reader from a few feet away.

Near Field Communication (NFC)

Other technologies, such as Near Field Communication (NFC), a communication standard for smartphone access control systems, can also be used in mobile access control systems.

NFC allows compatible devices to communicate securely over short distances efficiently and securely, but unlike BLE, it lacks range, typically only a few inches away, and it is not available to be used on all smartphone devices.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Access Control Systems with Mobile Credentials

In an increasingly mobile world, our smartphones help us communicate and interact throughout our professional and personal lives, and access control systems have significantly benefited from the mobile revolution. Here are some things to consider to help your business leverage your access control system.

How Your Company Will Manage the Access Control System

The first thing to think about when selecting a commercial access control system is whether your company will have trouble using and implementing it.

Owners and managers should decide who will manage the system and what operational access policies will be implemented ahead of time. These policies should include procedures for onboarding new employees and deactivating access privileges for departing employees.

What Functions Your Company Needs

You must also determine the ideal functions for your company. Consider whether an on-site, web-based, or remote access control interface is required and discuss which areas of the facility and access points need a higher level of security.

Additionally, make a list of the options and integrated systems that will help your company improve its security.

How Much Traffic Your Access Control System Needs to Handle

This plays a significant role in choosing the right type of access control system as it considers the number of employees and staff who will require access and the volume of traffic that will be handled at any given time. 


Consider the number of people who enter and exit the building during business hours, evenings, and weekends, including deliveries and visitors.

How the Access Control System will Function During an Emergency

It’s critical to choose an access system that works with existing hardware and complies with all building and safety regulations during an emergency.

Electrified automatic hardware or electromagnetic locks are commonly used in access control systems, but the kind of hardware that your business needs depend on the type of business and the applicable building codes and fire safety regulations.

How Upgradable the Access Control System Is

When evaluating the various commercial access control systems available, your company should also consider how upgradable it will be in the future.

As access control technology advances, your company will want to keep the system up to date to ensure maximum security. A controlled access system must adapt to your company’s changing needs, and upgrades should be considered every three to five years.

5 Tips for Improving the Effectiveness of an Access Control System

Every business is unique, as are their security requirements. Here are five tips to help you improve the overall effectiveness of your access control system.

Verify the Technology

As technology advances, newer features and settings may be able to meet those challenges more accurately. A new access system, an upgrade, or a switch to a different brand of access system can all make a difference. Set aside a portion of the annual budget for maintenance and set aside money for long-term upgrades.

Proper Set-Up

When access control systems are programmed to meet the security needs of a building, they are the most effective. Access to exterior entry points must be allowed and restricted at specific times of day and on particular days of the week.

Facility managers and supervisors should think about where access is more strictly controlled and which users are allowed entry into each building or department from the start.

Maintain the System

Like anything else we rely on for security, regular testing and maintenance are critical aspects to consider. Make sure that testing and maintenance procedures are included in your facility’s annual calendar.

Implement Access Levels

One of the most appealing features of access control is that it can be tailored to a specific building and its employees. Consider each section of the building’s security requirements and examine each point’s entry credentials to see if they need to be adjusted.

Be sure to regularly review the list of users and their access levels and make any necessary changes.

Communicate Changes with Staff

When it comes to access control, new employees and staff should be informed about your company’s expectations. Provide all current and new hires with clear policies and training to help them better understand your expectations and guidelines.

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Every company aspires to provide a safe environment for its employees and customers alike. With an access control system with mobile credentials, you put your business in the best position possible to remain safe and secure at all times.

If your business has invested in an access control system, you want to make sure you’re getting the most out of your hard-earned money. At Action 1st Loss Prevention, we make sure you are.

At Action 1st Loss Prevention, we specialize in providing cloud-based access control systems with mobile credentials to businesses in the Orange County area and nearby communities.

Whether you need assistance with installation, training, updating, or finding a cloud-based access control system that best fits your business’s needs and budget, we ensure that your system meets the security needs of your business.

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