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When To Upgrade To Cloud-based Access Control Systems

Posted on February 22, 2021

A cloud-based access control system is a great way to keep your business or property secure, as well as a way to monitor all entry and exit points of your building or facility. However, though access control systems are a useful security solution, they may do more harm than good if the system is out of date.

Access control is the first line of safety security for your company, but out-of-date security systems are at higher risk of infringements and vulnerabilities. The longer you postpone making any updates to your cloud-based access control system, the more your business is at risk.

If it’s been a while since you updated your current access control system, continue reading below to learn when might be a good time for an upgrade.


There are many good reasons for updating your existing access control system. Perhaps the system has reached the end of life, or it no longer meets the particular needs of your business.

In any event, it may be worth considering if it’s time to update your cloud-based access control system.

Here are five signs that your access control system is out of date, vulnerable to hacks, or just in desperate need of an upgrade.


When you started your company, you most likely started with one of the first types of access control systems many businesses were provided with. It is normal for older systems to malfunction or for features of the system to no longer be as accurate as they once were because the technology is out of date.

While most businesses think their existing security solution is safe and impenetrable, they are often incorrect. In fact, the older your security solution is, the more likely it is to be vulnerable to nearly any form of attack or theft.

With an upgraded cloud access control system for commercial buildings, you can prevent the mishap of lost keys and misplaced key cards and save your business time and money in the process.

Traditional keys are bulky, and employees continuously waste time trying to locate them or figure out which key can unlock the door. Even worse, every time a member of your staff moves on from your company, you will need to rekey all the locks if you want to make sure the building is safe.

In addition, keys and key cards can easily be lost, stolen, or copied, which could put the entire facility at risk. You need a safe business access control system that does not take time and money out of your business.

If your existing system is outdated, obsolete, and you can’t keep up with your company’s demands, then it’s time to upgrade.


While no organization wants to experience security threats or breaches, there are also cases in which administrators recognize that their access control needs to be changed.

Even if your business hasn’t faced a security threat, changes can be made before any significant problems arise.

Unfortunately, it typically takes an unfortunate occurrence or breach of security to get an organization to invest in a new access control or keyless entry system.

If your company has concerns about potential security threats, it may be worth considering upgrading to a cloud based access control system or, at the very least, receive a consultation from a security solutions expert about what your next steps should be.


Imagine how convenient it would be for yourself and your employees to be able to access the building or unlock doors using their smartphone or tablet device.

Fortunately, adding the use of remote access to your security setup is easy and inexpensive, thanks to cloud-based access control.

With a cloud access control system, you can authorize access to anyone who downloads the mobile app to their smartphone.

In addition, you will also be able to view company data in real-time and easily incorporate other keyless entry and access control systems with existing surveillance applications for additional security.


Lastly, if your company is growing, it is well worth considering upgrading to a cloud-based solution.

Traditional keys and key cards for companies with a large number of employees can be a cause for concern, especially if you feel as though your business is already outgrowing your current security system.

By upgrading to an access control system where key cards are no longer needed, it will be much easier to keep up with your business’s growth.

Modern access control system technology enables your business to quickly onboard new employees and provide them with the individual access they need, without any waiting period.

Furthermore, if construction plans include expansion to new locations and residences, a cloud-based solution can be easily scaled.


Modern business owners and operators understand the importance of cloud-based technology and how it is a critical move forward.

Upgrading to a cloud-based access control system provides a variety of benefits for your business, such as state-of-the-art, end-to-end encryption, substantial cost savings, more straightforward deployment, optimal scalability, decreased maintenance, and 24/7 monitoring and performance.

With this type of system, you no longer need a local computer to monitor your business. Instead, all of your company data is stored on a remote server, reducing maintenance and training costs, and providing you with free, over-the-air protection and upgrade functionality.

Even better, you can say goodbye to expenses for repairs, software upgrades, and training in the process.


The incorporation of access control in your business is a necessary step and an invaluable part of your business’s sustainability. If it’s time to upgrade your existing cloud-based access control system, it’s crucial that you have a security solution you can trust.

At Action 1st, we specialize in providing cloud-based access control systems in Orange County that meet your businesses’ security criteria.

Whether your current system is out of date or you’re getting ready to move to a new facility, we will help you select the security product that best suits your company’s needs and budget, install it, and provide complete training to ensure that you are always getting the most out of security investment.

Give Action 1st a call today for a free on-site consultation and learn more about how we can help upgrade your cloud-based access control system.

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