Crucial Security Things to Consider When Moving to a New Office

Moving to a new office is a significant undertaking for any size business, and one factor that is often ignored is the upgrading of building access control systems. When relocating your business, it’s critical that you have all of your security systems in place and ready to go before the move takes place. However, as… Read More.

Components of Electronic Access Control and How it Works

As a business, you need quality building access control systems to help you coordinate who enters your building, report possible security violations, and record traffic for future analysis. Whether you decide to use key cards or mobile credentials, you face several basic challenges that come with learning any new complex device, which is why it’s… Read More.

Is an Electronic Access Control System Right for Your Business?

In a world where safety and security have become the topic of nearly every conversation, businesses have also found themselves needing more improved electronic access control systems. Not only do electronic access control systems enhance security and help you to monitor who is entering and leaving the building, but access control systems also incorporate various… Read More.

Secure Your Business by Switching to Electronic Access Control Systems

Safety and security continue to be a growing issue for companies in all industries. As a business owner, ensuring that your staff, assets, and building remains secure is always a top priority. As such, many business owners have turned to electronic access control systems for help. Whether your business is new or it’s been around… Read More.

Using a Hotel Key Card System for Highly Secure Room Entry

Using a Hotel Key Card System for Highly Secure Room Entry

Many, if not all, modern hotel management systems use hotel key card systems. In fact, you’ve probably used a hotel room key card more than once in your life to enter a hotel room. However, not everyone knows or understands precisely how hotel key card systems work, which could lead to some concern regarding how… Read More.

The Future of Cloud-Based Commercial Access Control

With every market, there’s always room for advancement, and this is especially true when discussing the future of commercial access control installations. With the high-speed growth of technology, access control systems installation has always been considered a work-in-progress. From mobile credentials to proximity cards, the world of access control systems has a variety of changes… Read More.


Key Card Access Control Systems for Parking Lot Entry and Exit

Securing parking facilities is becoming increasingly necessary in dense urban locations and to protect access to a parking structure as well as the building it is associated with, a key card entry system is the safest and most reliable choice. To understand how key card access control systems work for parking lots and the benefits… Read More.


3 Reasons to Upgrade for Key Card Access Control

For any commercial property, access security is an essential priority and must be upgraded throughout the years to ensure improved safety and security, this can be done by utilizing a key card lock installation. There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing key card access control systems for your commercial property, both with… Read More.


What Types of Door Access Control System Installations Are There?

If you’ve decided to upgrade your Orange County business, office, hotel, or other facilities with a key card access security system, you are taking a step into the modern world. Old-school lock and key systems leave much to be desired when it comes to security. Modern key card door access systems allow greater flexibility, customization,… Read More.

swipe card entry systems in Los Angeles

Protect Your Business with Swipe Card Entry Systems in Los Angeles

Crime is always something you need to be concerned about as a business owner. No matter how big or small your company may be, there are still individuals that are seeking ways to steal information, data, products, equipment, and more. Any type of loss that you experience can be devastating to your company and bring… Read More.

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