keyless door entry system from Irvine

Avoid Intrusion with our Keyless Door Entry System in Irvine

Businesses need a secure way to keep their doors and entryways protected against intruders and unwelcome visitors. In addition to making sure that all of the business’s assets are secure, companies also have a responsibility to their employees which means that they need to get a good security system which limits access to the building,… Read More.

commercial electronic door lock system in Los Angeles

Use our commercial electronic door lock system in Los Angeles

Owners of businesses have to worry constantly about security. You are not only responsible for the safety of clients and visitors to your building, but also of every staff member working in all areas of your commercial space. Not only do you have to protect your assets, you need to take steps to make your… Read More.

key fob office entry system

Protect your property with a key fob office entry system

When you have set up a business through your own efforts, you have to make sure that your buildings are properly protected. You can find a number of different types of  security systems which will allow you increasing control over your entry points, but if you want something modern and interesting, then you would do… Read More.

Flexible Hotel Key Holder in Orange County

Flexible Hotel Key Holder in Orange County Services

Hotels have a very fine line to walk when it comes to security. They have to be able to protect each of their guests as well as their belongings. However, they also have to be easily accessible, too. Too little security and guests don’t feel safe in the hotel. Too much, and guests won’t want… Read More.

building access control systems .

Building Access Control Systems in Anaheim Reminders

We all know how important security is. You do everything you can to keep your business secure, as do so many others. Despite that, breaches occur. Whether physical or virtual, security can be breached. However, one of the more overlooked factors that can lead to a breach is access control. Access control is critically important… Read More.

card lock system

Prevent intrusion with a key card lock system

You want to keep your business and employees safe at all times while also making sure that access is restricted to those who are allowed into your building. You could set up a security booth and have someone inspect everyone that comes in, but that could be expensive and is not completely secure. You might… Read More.

Secure Building Access Control Systems in Anaheim

Secure Building Access Control Systems in Anaheim

As small business owners like ourselves, we understand the challenges that come with having to protect valuables. When your business relies upon certain resources, you have to do everything you can to make sure that they’re properly protected. However, you also have to make sure that they’re readily accessible, too. After all, if your security… Read More.

electronic cards

Make your system smart and stylish with access control card holders

Keeping control of access to your business is essential if you want to keep turning a profit, and this can be much easier if you use a contactless card system. These types of system are commonly seen in modern businesses, as old systems are replaced for newer, more easily controlled ones. Instead of having a… Read More.

electric key card system

Secure your business with an electronic key card system in Orange County

The days of using security personnel to guard entryways is a thing of the past as more modern monitoring systems have taken the place of a man in a cap. The most modern style of property protection is electronic locks. These kinds of systems can be used on all types of modern buildings, from offices… Read More.

Electronic Commercial Door Locks Benefits

Wireless and mobile electronic commercial door locks have quickly become some of the most popular choices for businesses. The reasons are simple: they’re highly effective and they also save money. For example, what we think of as a “traditional” wired access control system consumes far more power than integrated wireless locksets. In fact, they use… Read More.