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3 Reasons to Upgrade for Key Card Access Control

Posted on September 7, 2020

For any commercial property, access security is an essential priority and must be upgraded throughout the years to ensure improved safety and security, this can be done by utilizing a key card lock installation.

There are a lot of benefits that come with choosing key card access control systems for your commercial property, both with increased safety and convenience.

If you manage or own a commercial property, it is time to consider upgrading your security system to include a key card access system.

Keep reading to learn how you can implement this change, from strategy to installation, as well as the top three benefits of a key card lock installation. Action 1st offers a wide range of security options that will suit your property’s requirements and safety needs.  

How to Upgrade to Key Card Access Control Systems

When you make the decision to upgrade the security of your office, building, or other facilities, there will be a few steps in the installation process to prepare for. These are all simple and will be efficiently handled by Action 1st security experts.  

What should I expect from the installation process?

1. Installing the Physical Equipment

One of the first steps to take is the physical installation of essential equipment onto your property. The volume of equipment will be dependent on the size of your business or facility and the number of access points it contains.

For instance, if you are looking to upgrade the security of a high-risk facility such as a hospital, access points will likely be installed throughout each floor of the building, which is a much larger task than a commercial facility with only a few entrances.

 You will also find that there are three major forms of key card access control systems, but within these forms, there are many ways to customize your security system. You can work with our team to determine exactly what type and level of security are best for your property.

All types of keyless security systems are simple to use, with the person gaining access by presenting a code, mobile credentials, or using a key card or key fob.

 Information is sent to an access control software which either grants or denies access. The access control system also makes it very easy to quickly revoke or upgrade permission to access the building, which may be used when terminating employees or when someone received enhanced access to the building.

2. Setting Up and Utilizing the Software: 

When you use key card access control systems, the software is a crucial part that will ensure the proper functioning of your security system and access points. There are three main types which are briefly explained below:

  • Discretionary Access Control: This system grants all-access abilities to one person in charge of giving or taking away access to the facility.
  • Mandatory Access Control: For buildings that contain sensitive information or multiple security levels, such as hospitals or government buildings, this type of access system allows an owner to choose who can access each part of the building.
  • Role-Based Access Control: This system is especially useful for business offices where roles are granted different levels of access.

Action 1st will guide you in setting up the parameters for your business or commercial property. With state of the art equipment and software, your facility will be more secure than ever before, and you will also discover the many advantages that come with choosing a key card access system.

3 Benefits of Upgrading Your Security Using a Key Card Lock Installation

Alongside the simple and efficient installation process, there are three major benefits of using a key card control system such as:

1. Increased Convenience

One of the best reasons to choose key card access locks is that this is extremely convenient and will end up saving you both time and money. It is pretty much inevitable that employees will lose their keys from time to time, and for security purposes that means that locks often have to be changed and new keys handed out to every employee.

This can end up costing your business hundreds of dollars a year and countless hours of administration work that could be avoided. When a key card is lost, all your security manager needs to do is remove access from the lost card and create a new card for that employee.

This is a streamlined process that is very convenient and prevents a lot of unnecessary hassle.

 2. Reliable Security

Traditional locks and keys do not offer anywhere near as much security as key card access systems. Traditional locks are much easier for intruders to pick or break open, which poses a major security risk to your facility or office building.

Key card access control systems are much more secure. Each card has its own code which grants its holder access to the building. This code can be rewritten or deleted to take away access at any given time. 

That means that whether the key card is lost or the employee is terminated, the access can immediately be revoked and there will be no security risk associated with it. 

Similarly, doors with this type of access system will lock when they are closed. No employee will have to remember to lock the doors behind them. With a key card lock installation, mistakes won’t happen, and your building will remain safe and secure.

3. Track Movement Through the Building

One very helpful feature of a key card lock is its ability to track employees through their key card usage. You know who is inside the building at any given time, which can be helpful in emergency situations. You can also keep track of when employees arrive and leave from work to ensure that schedules are adhered to and working hours are inputted correctly.

Key cards can also be programmed to only allow access at certain times of the day. This ensures that your employees are only within the building within contracted working hours and that health and safety measures are followed.

Choose the Right Key Card Access Control Systems

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