key card entry system

Key Card Entry Systems: Make the Switch to

No matter what type of commercial business you own, when you must deal with sets of keys, there is an inherent risk that can create havoc for you. You need to supply multiple keys to many people and keep track of who has which keys, get keys back from employees before they leave your company,… Read More.

Flexible Hotel Key Holder in Orange County

Flexible Hotel Key Holder in Orange County Services

Hotels have a very fine line to walk when it comes to security. They have to be able to protect each of their guests as well as their belongings. However, they also have to be easily accessible, too. Too little security and guests don’t feel safe in the hotel. Too much, and guests won’t want… Read More.

Electronic Lock

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Lock

Every office or facility has multiple entrance points, but none are more open than doors. Because it’s the most vulnerable part of the office’s security system, it needs to be locked. One of the most popular choices is to have an electronic doors lock installed and ensure your security. Here’s what you must take into… Read More.

Key Card System

Top Rated Hotel Key Card System

Hotels are buildings that are notoriously difficult to secure. So many people pass through them: guests, staff, vendors, contractors and more that make it very hard to make sure that all the doors that are supposed to be locked stay that way. However, electronic access technology has advanced to the point where it’s easier than… Read More.

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