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Flexible Hotel Key Holder in Orange County Services

Posted on April 5, 2019

Hotels have a very fine line to walk when it comes to security. They have to be able to protect each of their guests as well as their belongings. However, they also have to be easily accessible, too. Too little security and guests don’t feel safe in the hotel. Too much, and guests won’t want to go in there, period. That’s where our flexible hotel key holder in Orange County (and the surrounding areas) services come in. We can work with you to provide the kind of security that fits your hotel, guests, workers and everyone else perfectly. Customized solutions will make your hotel the kind of place that guests want to come to, again and again.

Hotel Key Holder in Orange County Flexibility

What sets our hotel key services apart from others is the sheer number of options available? Over the years, we’ve heard horror stories from some of our clients about how previous security solutions providers of theirs basically forced them into “one size fits all” security. We know that your hotel is unique among other hospitality locations. So, we work with you to find the right solutions for your hotel. By crafting security to the exact specifications f your hotel, we’re able to provide your location with the exact right amount of security.

The Right Access for Guests

You want your guests to be able to come and go as they please freely, but you also have to be able to control where they can go when. While you want them to be able to enjoy the pool, spa and workout areas, for example, you may not want them to be able to access these areas 24/7/365. That’s where we come in. We can make it so that you can control when your guests are able to go t0 certainly places. By that same token, we also make it so that they can come and go from their own rooms easily.

Keep Track of Staff Easier

Staffing isn’t easy for a hotel, either. The sheer amount of employees that are required to keep a hotel afloat can be staggering. So, with our solutions, you can control when your staff is able to go to what location. For example, many of our clients let morning maintenance workers come in through a certain door at a certain time. Should those workers return to those doors at another time (or when they’re not on their shift) they’ll find that they’re unable to enter that location. As with all of our other security solutions, you are the ultimate arbiter, controlling the access of your employees.

Security that Puts you in Control

Whether you want keyless access, key cards or other kinds of commercial options, we can work with you to give you the kind of security that you and your guests can rely on in any season. To schedule a free onsite review and comprehensive estimate, give us a call at (888) 675-9615 or head to our website.

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