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Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Lock

Posted on February 22, 2019

Every office or facility has multiple entrance points, but none are more open than doors. Because it’s the most vulnerable part of the office’s security system, it needs to be locked.

One of the most popular choices is to have an electronic doors lock installed and ensure your security. Here’s what you must take into consideration during the process.

  1.    An investment in an electric lock increases safety

Having a secure front office door lock system is much more than just protecting one single pathway into the workplace. Instead, every electronic lock system functions as a deterrent for all kinds of threats. When a burglar attempts to break into the office, they will quickly give up once they see a professional electronic lock.

If you’re locking a door with just a physical key, think about investing in an electronic security key card system.

  1.    Fixing the electric lock appropriately

An important thing to consider when choosing an electric lock is the location of the installation. Some models are specialized for standard doors, whereas other electronic locks are more suitable for outside swinging gates, rollup gates, and glass doors.

Call us with your intended locations, and we can advise you on the right type of electric lock right away.

  1.    Usage of the door lock

One other factor when choosing an electric lock is the use of the targeted door. How many people go through it every day? Is it the main entrance or not? If it is the main entrance and there is a lot of movement, then you might want an automatic relock feature.

Since so many people are using it, you will want to make the locking process more accessible and more secure.

  1.    Make sure the door is in good health

Even the most state of the art lock is an inefficient security measure if the door is not strong enough. Remember, the lock works with the door in unison to prevent any break-ins. A sturdy door is a foundation for every active electric lock.

  1.    The preferred way of unlocking the door

Our electronic access control systems come in many forms. If you opt for our access control service, you can choose from a variety of ways to unlock the door. The most popular options are a keypad, a special card and bluetooth readers.

In recent years, fingerprint scans and iris scans have become increasingly popular as methods of unlocking your electronic door lock.

  1.    The opening mode of your door

Our team of specialized locksmiths is always ready to work with you on picking the right opening mode. It’s important to consider the process of making your place of business more secure.

You can rely on control sensors or a short electric impulse which opens the door automatic. Options are also available for unlocking your doors using your phone from anywhere in the world!

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