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Top Rated Hotel Key Card System

Posted on August 20, 2018

Hotels are buildings that are notoriously difficult to secure. So many people pass through them: guests, staff, vendors, contractors and more that make it very hard to make sure that all the doors that are supposed to be locked stay that way. However, electronic access technology has advanced to the point where it’s easier than ever to keep your hotel secure. Our key card system makes sure that your hotel is safe and secure while also being welcoming.

Key Card System for Guests

The key card system we provide gives your guests easy access to the places they want to get to, while securely keeping them out of the places you don’t want them to get to. For example, ours makes sure that they can get into the gym, parking lot, pool and more while keeping them from any areas that allow in hotel staff exclusively. On top of that, this system will also lock out anyone who isn’t a guest at your hotel. So, anyone who wants to use your parking lot, pool, gym or more will have to get a keycard from you first.

Keyless Entry System for Business

Beyond offering a system of cards for your guests, you need one for your staff, too. That way, your attendants can get into the rooms they need to clean and maintain. However, our cards make it possible for you to make sure they only have access to those rooms, as well as any others you need them to get into. They don’t have to have access to the kitchen pantries or other places that don’t concern them, so you can lock them out of it. In the end, one of the most popular features of our system is that it gives you all of the control to secure your hotel as you see fit.

Temporary Electronic Keycard System

Temporary access is one of the other features of this particular system. This is perfect for hotels that host many different kinds of events. Should you have a group, seminar, or other large event, you can make sure that none of the attendees end up somewhere they shouldn’t be. You can restrict these cards to not just a set area of the hotel, but a time as well.

Commercial Keyless Door Locks

We’re always looking for ways to offer our Orange County hotel clients more. This key card system can keep your hotel secure and safe while also making it easy for your staff and guests to move around. See how it all works by giving us a call at (800)675-3015 or going to our site.

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