card lock system

Prevent intrusion with a key card lock system

You want to keep your business and employees safe at all times while also making sure that access is restricted to those who are allowed into your building. You could set up a security booth and have someone inspect everyone that comes in, but that could be expensive and is not completely secure. You might… Read More.

Benefits of Using an Access Control System

Benefits of Using an Access Control System

A proper access control system is supposed to keep the owners and users secure with as little intervention and hassle possible. Unless your business is comprised of a relatively small number of employees – say ten – and can simply rely on locks, an access control system is almost a complete necessity. Such systems are… Read More.

Protect Yourself and Staff Members with Access Card Entry Systems1

Protect Yourself and Staff Members with Access Card Entry Systems

Keeping people safe when they come onto your premises is a big worry for many business owners. If you don’t have the right protection for visitors, staff or others, you could find yourself facing a lawsuit for negligence. Keyed systems are no longer considered safe, since everyone knows how to pick a lock – or… Read More.

Why Does Your Business Need Access Card Entry Systems in Los Angeles

Why You Need an Access Card Entry Systems for your Los Angeles Property?

You own a property that you use as part of your business. Previously, you have used a standard key and lock system for your doors, but find that this is unsatisfactory. Staff members lose their keys, leave them at home, and sometimes forget to lock doors after themselves. ┬áReplacing locks and re-cutting keys can be… Read More.