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Prevent intrusion with a key card lock system

Posted on March 27, 2019

You want to keep your business and employees safe at all times while also making sure that access is restricted to those who are allowed into your building. You could set up a security booth and have someone inspect everyone that comes in, but that could be expensive and is not completely secure. You might also hand out keys, but these could be easily copied, and locks may be forced open, anyway. Rather than these options, you might want to consider making use of a key card lock system. This is one of the securest ways to protect your building and the people in it. Additionally, it also allows you to check that only authorized people to have access to your business.

Install a key card system today

When you make a change to a key card lock system, a team from Action 1st will come to your building and install the necessary equipment. This will be a card reader and lock, which recognizes when one of the authorized cards is displayed in front of the screen, and will then unlock the door. It is like having an automated security guard, except it won’t take time off for illness or vacation. The door will prevent intruders from gaining access to the property using the secured door. You don't even have to have these key card points on an external door - you might choose to have them in a warehouse, a classified area, or a restricted access point. You have the complete power to choose where the card access points are placed.

Supervise your employees

There is another reason why you might want to make use of these card lock systems, particularly if you are operating a classified project, or need strict security controls. With an access point card, only someone you choose will get access to the building. This can allow you to monitor who goes in and out of the premises and at what time. You might find employees skipping out early, or returning long after their shift had ended. This information helps you to keep track of employees, enhancing your security and reducing the chance of internal theft or misbehavior.

Let us install your system

The best type of security in the world is no good if it is installed improperly, which is why we recommend that you let Action 1st install your key card lock system for you. We have many years worth of experience working in the industry, and we can easily work with your team to discover the important entry points. Then, we’ll go about securing them and helping you to protect your business proactively. Don't delay installing card access so that you can prevent members of the public from having access to your building, threatening your business and damaging your confidentiality. For help with deciding what access cards to use, and where they would need to be placed in your building, speak to us today using our inquiry form, or by calling us at (888) 670-9715 now.

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