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Why You Need an Access Card Entry Systems for your Los Angeles Property?

Posted on January 10, 2019

You own a property that you use as part of your business. Previously, you have used a standard key and lock system for your doors, but find that this is unsatisfactory. Staff members lose their keys, leave them at home, and sometimes forget to lock doors after themselves.  Replacing locks and re-cutting keys can be costly. While you think that security needs to be tighter, you want another way to protect your building. One option is to choose keyless access card entry systems for your Los Angeles property.

Efficient and Affordable

There are many entry systems that you could use to control access to your building, but card entry systems offer the best range of readers, giving you high-quality security with a lower cost than electronic systems or number entry pads. By fitting a card reader to every access door you have, or at least the most commonly used ones, you can secure your building, and avoid the tiresome task of changing locks or replacing keys. Instead, all you will need are a set of cards and a reader that will allow your staff access through locked doors. In addition, you can easily withdraw the card's access permissions if it is stolen or lost.

Keeping Doors Locked

Another advantage to this system is that your doors will lock automatically once they are closed. You don't have to check doors are locked at night, and no-one is going to leave a door unsecured. This means that intruders can't get into the building, since access card readers are much harder to force than simple locks. You can choose who comes and goes through your system, and who is allowed access into all parts of the building.

Get Started Today

When you need a flexible but secure means of controlling access into your property, both at night and during the day, then keyless access card entry systems for Los Angeles buildings is the best solution. You control who goes where, and get the security you need at a convenient and affordable rate. To find out more about our options for keyless entry, contact Action 1st for commercial control systems in Orange County, LA. We can find the perfect keyless system for you, and set you up with all the materials you need for a successful lock system. Just contact us now or call our team at (949) 828-3008 today.

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