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Benefits of Using an Access Control System

Posted on January 25, 2019

A proper access control system is supposed to keep the owners and users secure with as little intervention and hassle possible. Unless your business is comprised of a relatively small number of employees - say ten - and can simply rely on locks, an access control system is almost a complete necessity.

Such systems are meant to mitigate all manner of security threats with little to no inconvenience on your part. Here are five great benefits of having an access control system on your property.

Almost impossible to physically hack

The first area of complete vulnerability with regards to traditional lock and key systems is that a would-be burglar can simply duplicate the key. Once they get access to the physical key, making a replica takes an hour or less. On the other hand, a replica electronic key would take extremely advanced knowledge, weeks to months of work and very sophisticated devices.

Getting access to a physical key is a lot easier than you might imagine, too. All that has to happen is an employee misplacing their key. That’s literally all it takes for an attacker to get busy. Electronic access control systems completely mitigate this.

Never forget the key

A businessperson forgetting where they placed their key is a legitimate concern one might have. If there were no backup keys anywhere on the premises (guards or the like) there’s little recourse than having to wait and perhaps duplicating the key at a later time.

Keyless door locks will either depend on an electronic key card or, better yet, customized access codes. Every employee can have their own individual code. They only ever have to remember their four digits.

Customized access to different areas

Instead of having different keys and locks to certain areas of the building, the system can remain exactly the same but programmed differently. This way, only certain access codes or cards can access specific locations in the building. The system can even be configured to authorize different people based on time.

Remote access to the system

Remote access is incredibly useful for various reasons. For instance, should an employee forget their card at home or code, they can just ring up whoever is in charge, and they can be authorized without having to move. For people with large compounds and busy schedules, gates can be opened and shut by authorized personnel from anywhere, even from the comfort of another city.

Access to historic data

Since everyone is required to have a unique code or access mechanism, tracking whose code was used to access which area is a piece of cake. Should theft or vandalism occur, narrowing down the suspects is quite simple.

Since the data is stored securely on the system, tracking suspicious employees during working hours is also relatively easy, depending on the sophistication of the system itself.

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