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How Mobile Credentials Have Become the Game Changer in School Access Control

Posted on February 20, 2023

As the need for safe and secure campuses becomes increasingly important, school administrators are turning to school access control systems. Mobile credentials have become the game changer in school access control, offering a secure and convenient solution that allows administrators to keep their campuses safe while providing students and staff greater freedom and flexibility.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of mobile credentials in a school access and visitor control system, as well as how they can be used to improve door access control systems for schools.

Keep reading to learn everything you should know about how mobile credentials have changed school safety and how Action 1st Loss Prevention can help you find the best school security access control system for your needs.

What Are Mobile Credentials?

Mobile credentials are digital forms of two-factor authentication that allow individual users to access secure facilities such as schools, hospitals, businesses, and more. These credentials can be stored on a smartphone or any other type of mobile device and are quickly becoming the preferred method of mandatory access control (MAC) -based access control due to their convenience and flexibility.

With mobile solutions, individual users can use their devices to open doors, gates, and other access points, providing quick and secure access to restricted areas.

Mobile credentials have become a game changer in MAC-based access control and two-factor authentication because they provide greater control and security. Administrators can define who is allowed to access the school grounds and easily update access policies as needed.

The Need for Effective School Access Control Systems

Ensuring the safety and security of students and staff at educational institutions can be a complex and challenging task. But with the right MAC-based access control system in place, school administrators can gain complete control over campus access.

Mobile credentials provide administrators with a new and more secure way to manage school access. Below, we will explore the benefits of mobile solutions for MAC-based access control systems.

Ensuring the Safety and Security of Students and Staff

Ensuring the safety and security of students and staff is paramount in any school setting. Access control systems are essential for school administrators to effectively monitor who is entering the school and when.

By having a MAC-based access control system in place, administrators can protect the students and staff by controlling who is allowed onto school grounds. MAC-based access control systems also allow administrators to identify any potential threats quickly.

Minimizing Liability and Risk

By having a mobile phone access control system in place, school administrators can limit the amount of liability and risk they are exposed to by monitoring school access. This gives administrators a heightened sense of security and assurance.

Authentication control systems also provide administrators with a reliable way to track people on the premises and how long they are on campus. This data can be used to verify that all individual users entering the school meet the necessary requirements and that the school is in compliance with local and national safety regulations.

Benefits of Mobile Credentials in School Access Control Systems

With the emergence of mobile credentials, school access control systems have become more intelligent, secure, and efficient.

Below, we will explore how mobile technologies have revolutionized school access control and why they are now becoming game-changers for school administrators.

More Accurate Verification Processes

Mobile credentials are becoming increasingly popular in school access control systems due to their more accurate verification processes.  Additionally, mobile credentials eliminate the need for traditional physical cards or key fobs, which can easily be lost or stolen and used to gain unauthorized access to a building.

Enhanced Flexibility and Scalability

The enhanced flexibility and scalability offered by mobile credentials in access control greatly benefit administrators. With mobile technologies, administrators can easily add or revoke user access.

Additionally, mobile credentials can be used to grant user access to specific areas of the school, allowing administrators to control who has access to which areas. This allows for more granular control and makes it easier for administrators to manage and secure the campus.

Reduced Risk of Unauthorized Entry and Exit Attempts

The reduced risk of unauthorized entry and exit attempts is a major benefit of mobile credentials in access control systems. Using mobile credentials, administrators can control who enters and exits the school.

Mobile credentials provide administrators with real-time updates and notifications whenever a credential is used, allowing them to review and monitor the data. This ensures that only authorized individual users are allowed and that any unauthorized users will be quickly identified and denied access.

Streamlined Administration Processes for Staff Members

Streamlined administration processes for staff members are a major benefit of mobile credentials in MAC-based access control systems. Staff members no longer need to carry physical cards or key fobs to gain access to the school campus.

Additionally, mobile credentials can be used to grant access to specific areas of the school, making it easier for staff members to quickly reach their destination. Administrators can quickly and easily manage who has access to each area of the school and can instantly revoke access if needed.

Cost Savings Opportunities

Access control with mobile phone credentials can provide several cost savings opportunities for school administrators. School administrators can reduce or eliminate the cost of purchasing, maintaining, and replacing physical cards or key fobs.

Furthermore, mobile credentials can be used to grant access to specific areas of the school, eliminating the need to purchase and install additional MAC-based control equipment such as locks and keypads. It can also reduce labor costs, as staff no longer need to manually check-in and out of the school.

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