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Cloud Access Control for Security and Convenience

Posted on December 20, 2021

Traditional access control systems provide tenant access but they are difficult to operate and maintain. As a result, many businesses turn to cloud-based solution such as commercial key fob door entry systems to provide them with a more straightforward approach to commercial business security.

Cloud-based access control systems are extremely advantageous nowadays because they enable organizations to manage access control settings remotely, implement touch-free authentication, and add an extra layer of security to their physical security system. In this article, we will discuss how cloud access control works, what makes it better than traditional solutions, and some of the features and benefits it provides.

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Access Control in the Cloud

Cloud-based access control allows you to control and manage doors and gates from anywhere in the world using an internet-connected device. Administrators can use the system to control who  is authorized to access doors in and out of a building.

An online portal is used by property administrators to manage access. Residents, guests, deliveries, and building personnel typically get access by presenting a verified fob, mobile phone, card, or bracelet to a reader stationed outside the door, gate, or elevator they wish to use.

Cloud-based access control systems differ from traditional systems in that the software — the brains that control the hardware — is hosted by the cloud rather than a server on the premises. Building owners and managers benefit from increased convenience, security, and affordability by putting software on the cloud.

Instead of using an on-site server, a cloud-based access control system stores data in the cloud. As a result, you can use any device with an internet connection to access your system's data and change user rights.

Routine software upgrades can also be performed remotely on cloud-based platforms. As a result, your system will automatically update when the access control business releases a new version of the software.

The Pain Points of Traditional Access Control 

What makes cloud access control systems better than older technology? When opposed to a cloud-based physical access control system, traditional access control has the following disadvantages: ‍

You can shift your capital costs into operational costs by using a cloud-based physical access control system. The purchase of servers and cable to connect all th components of access control is not expensive, allowing for enhanced scalability and flexibility. Furthermore, unlike older systems, the number of doors and users you can add to the system is not limited.

Here are a few of the additional benefits that cloud access control provides that traditional access control do not:

Increased Convenience

Traditional access systems are more difficult to set up and operate than cloud-based access control systems. Because both the software and the hardware are preset, turnkey deployments are simple and straightforward. Without a training session, everyone in the office can figure out how to utilize the system. Managers and staff will have access to technical support, which will eliminate the requirement for on-site personnel when an issue arises, or the system has to be upgraded.

Higher Return on Investment

Unlike traditional access control systems, cloud-based access control systems are scalable, which means that changes may be made to accommodate any number of employees without having to totally rebuild the system. If you have many locations, your cloud-based system can monitor all of them from a single centralized infrastructure, removing the need for separate servers in each one.

Improved Security

Contrary to popular opinion, Cloud-based solutions are more secure than local servers. The company's data is backed up and saved on the cloud, ensuring that the data is protected even if the server crashes. If a security breach occurs, the data is much easier to recover in the cloud, allowing the organization to assess the issue and remedy it faster than ever before.

Features, Functionality, and Benefits for End-Users

Let’s take a look at a few more features and functions that cloud access control provides.

Remote Management

One benefit of cloud-based systems is the ability to work with them from anywhere. Admins may open doors for people without having to be there because all locations are configured and monitored from cloud-based dashboards that are accessible 24/7 from anywhere in the world.


Admins can simply add new persons, places, and doors to the network using the web-based management system in only a few minutes. Cloud access control allows multi-site businesses to centralize their IT and security administration and helps reduce IT hassles and costs.


Customizing your system has never been easier, thanks to cloud-based access control. A business with multiple locations may monitor all of them from a single device utilizing a single infrastructure, eliminating the need to put up servers in each building or spend time deploying more expensive gear. Many cloud-based systems also can send texts or other notifications when they identify suspicious behavior, such as excessive traffic through a specific door.

Regulation Compliance

Because a cloud-based system may update itself on a regular basis, a company's security is always current and cutting-edge. If a corporation needs to submit access logs or other data on a regular basis, a cloud-based system makes it simple to locate and transmit that information. Businesses may stay compliant by streamlining the onboarding process. 

Action 1st is The Preferred Choice for Cloud Access Control

While cloud-based access control systems may appear to be too sophisticated and superfluous at first glance, there's a lot more to them than meets the eye. These systems' increased benefits and capabilities make them a superior choice for many firms that already utilize access control systems, and they signal a shift in how companies use technology to secure their data.

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