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Best Irvine Building Security Systems

Action 1st Loss Prevention is the the top provider of the best Irvine building security systems. Since 1982, we have been installing state of the art security systems for various types of commercial buildings such as schools, dormitories, hotels, warehouses and industrial buildings, apartment buildings, hospitals and medical centers, retail shopping centers and malls, and many more.

Irvine is a planned city in Orange County, California that hosts many business headquarters including those whose industries are in the technology and semiconductor sectors. Some of these are ATEN Technology, Inc., Blizzard Entertainment, Gateway, Inc., and Paragon Software Group.

Irvine also hosts some of the top higher education institutions in the United States, namely, the University of California at Irvine, Concordia University, and California State University Fullerton—Irvine Campus. In fact, about 29% of Irvine’s diverse and multicultural populations have earned a Master’s degree or higher.

Access Control and Specifically Biometrics Access Control for Irvine Businesses

Action 1st Loss Prevention offers an advanced biometrics access control system that is guaranteed to address your building security needs.

So, what is biometrics? Biometrics or (biometric authentication) refers to the identification of humans by their characteristics or traits. Biometrics is used simultaneously with computer systems as a form of access control and identification. It’s also commonly used for the purpose surveillance, as well as access.

As an example, think about using a fingerprint on an entry pad to gain access to a building or area.

More specifically, biometric identifiers are the unique, measurable characteristics used to classify and describe individuals. Biometric identifiers are often classified in two categories, namely 1.) physiological and 2.) behavioral characteristics:
  • Physiological biometrics would use one's voice, DNA, facial features, iris print or fingerprint as identifiers
  • Behavioral biometrics are related to the behavior of a person, typing rhythm, gait, and voice.
How Biometric Systems Work
Biometric systems can seem complicated, but they all use the same three steps:


Upon initial use of the biometric system, it records basic information about a person, such as the user’s name or their identification number. It then captures an image or recording of a specific trait, such as fingerprints.


The system will analyze the person’s trait and translate it into a code or graph. .


The system compares the traits that the original user presented with the information someone trying to gain access is presenting. It will either accept or reject persons who are trying to gain access to the security system based on a match, or no match result.
Components of a Biometric System
Biometric Systems all use the same three components:
  • A sensor that detects the characteristic being used for identification
  • A computer that reads and stores the information
  • Software that analyzes the characteristic, translates it into a graph or code and performs the actual comparisons
Advantages of Biometric Access Control
Biometric physical access control solutions are stronger authentication methods than other means because they are unique. Fingerprints, as an example, are difficult, if not impossible, to replicate. Thus, unauthorized persons cannot easily access facilities or premises secured by a biometrics access control system.

In addition, biometric systems provide more accountability. Biometric log-ins mean a person can be directly connected to a particular action or an event. In other words, biometrics creates a clear, definable audit trail of transactions or activities in a particular area or location.

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Biometrics access control is an advanced and sophisticated way to secure buildings and other facilities. But if you want to explore other choices, Actions 1st Loss Prevention - the best Irvine building security systems provider - offers various options that can satisfy your needs. We are a full service commercial locksmith specializing in access control systems, but also offering commercial door hardware and locks, master key systems, rekeying and lock replacement services, video systems and more.

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