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Warehouse Access Control Security Tips

Posted on May 16, 2022

In the United States alone, cargo theft is a huge problem, costing businesses $15 to $30 billion each year. This leads to damages, losses, and supply chain disruptions each year. Installing physical barriers and warehouse security controls and deterrents such as warehouse access control that protect against unauthorized access is the first step toward warehouse security.

As a result, all warehouse inventory must be protected using cutting-edge warehouse security solutions.

Access Control Systems for Warehouses

Warehouse access control systems are a type of security system that controls and manages access as well as assigns access permissions to various areas of the property. These permissions not only determine the areas to which the user has access, but they can also include specific hours of access.

The identification credentials are presented to a system reader. The credentials are then sent to the warehouse security access control panel for verification. The control panel processes the request by comparing the credentials to the database's predefined access permissions.

Access is denied, and the entry remains locked if the credentials do not have access permission for the area, while access is granted if the credentials have access permission for the area, and the control panel sends a relay to the system to unlock the door.

Why Use Access Control System?

Access control for warehouses is often overlooked as a luxury rather than a necessity. The truth is that an access control system takes warehouse security to the next level in various ways.


While the initial installation may be costly, electronic access control systems are cost-effective. Unlike traditional lock and key systems, access control eliminates the need for locks to be changed in the event of a lost or stolen card, or if a card is not returned by a resigned or dismissed employee.

The system allows for the easy removal of a specific card or access credential from the warehouse security system while causing no disruption to other users.

Allows for Record-Keeping

With this type of security management, audit trails are created, and businesses can keep records of who entered and when they entered. This is especially useful if thefts or other incidents can be traced back to a specific time period, as records can be retrieved to determine who entered the building during that time period.

Increased Data Protection

Because today's businesses operate in real-time, it's natural to be concerned about data and warehouse security, and having quick access to your company's data is critical. If you're concerned that an electronic warehouse security system could be easily hacked, rest assured that the system is impenetrable.

Importance of Keeping Your Warehouse Secure

Warehouse security is essential for any modern business that deals with security hardware products. According to statistics, businesses in the United States lost roughly $114 million in 2016. This figure is approximately 13.3% higher than theft in 2015, which was approximately $100 million.

Whether you need short-term or long-term storage, you can rest assured that your inventory is safe and secure at all times.

Warehouse Security Tips and Measures

Warehouse owners must take certain security measures to ensure the safety and security of their assets and employees.

  • A thorough security assessment must be carried out throughout the warehouse in order to identify high-risk areas and activities and devise strict rules and policies.
  • Everyone must strictly adhere to the security procedures and policies or face repercussions.
  • Implementation of cutting-edge security systems to restrict warehouse access.
  • To improve overall security and to be alerted of any threats or malicious activity, a proper burglar alarm system and CCTV system must be installed and integrated with the access control system.
  • To protect warehouse employees and inventory from fire hazards, a fire alarm system must be installed in all appropriate locations.
  • The entire premises, both inside and outside the warehouse, must be well-illuminated, preferably with smart lights integrated with the security systems.
  • Employees and staff members must be properly evaluated during recruitment to ensure that only responsible individuals are hired.
  • Visitors should not be allowed to roam the warehouse unattended. You never know when it's a burglar disguised as a visitor.
  • Security systems must be reviewed and maintained on a regular basis to ensure that they function properly.

Security Cameras

Because warehouses are often sprawling spaces with hidden areas, they are ideal candidates for video surveillance. Cloud-based access control integrated with a security camera system is an excellent way to protect your products and employees while also increasing workplace efficiency.

Reduced Theft

Surveillance cameras have been shown to make would-be burglars think twice about breaking into a building, and warehouse security cameras are ideal for this. If your warehouse is the victim of theft, the security cameras can record the crime, making it much easier to hold the perpetrator accountable.

Building Security

You can better monitor the work environment by installing video surveillance around your warehouse. You can ensure your warehouse staff is following warehouse safety protocols and have definitive proof of the cause of any workplace accidents by using video surveillance.

Remote Monitoring

Warehouse video surveillance systems with remote access can be especially useful, especially since theft is less likely to occur during business hours. With remote monitoring, you can access your camera's feed from any location and at any time.

Alarm Systems

Warehouses are difficult to secure due to their large floor spaces and multiple entry points. Inadequate physical security can provide thieves with numerous opportunities to cause financial harm, disrupt delivery schedules, and reduce employee morale.

As a result, logistics companies and storage warehouses must install physical barriers and warehouse security access control to keep intruders out.

Access Control Systems

The obvious benefit of access control systems installation in Orange County, whether for systems as simple as key entry or as complex as facial scanning, is that they limit the entry of unauthorized intruders or personnel, protecting your business from damage and theft, and protecting your employees from harm.

Small businesses with simple requirements and large corporations with multiple security gateways can both benefit from cloud-based access control systems.

Partner with Reliable Access Control System Services for Your Warehouse

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