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What are Electric Locks and How do They Work

Posted on February 28, 2019

Electric door locks have become the security measure of choice for offices, modern buildings, and other commercial properties. They give you an additional, practically impenetrable security system that solves so many problems.

You won’t have to worry about losing keys, unauthorized access, and being at risk of forced entry. It is also easy to track who came in at what day and times.

How do we define electric locks?

Unlike physical locks, which rely on physical movement of a key within a lock, electric locks depend on an electrical impulse. Electromagnets and small motors are the most popular types of power generators found within an electronic access control system. Skeptics usually wonder what happens if the power cuts suddenly.

The access control systems have a battery backup which lasts 2-5 hours depending on the locking system. Once power is restored, these backup batteries automatically recharge. In addition, keyless door locks usually have the choice of fail-secure and fail-safe. You can choose whether you want the electric lock to unlock in case of power outage automatically, or to stay locked until the power comes back.

Every electric lock depends on an access point to grant access. This can be an electronic security key card system, an intercom, Bluetooth readers or iris scanner.

What about emergency access?

As we’ve mentioned above, electric locks open when the access control product activates an electronic impulse. For every electronic lock, there can be only one form of access, as it responds to just one triggered electric impulse.

Many locks have the option of providing emergency access. These can come in the form of a unique electronic keycard, an emergency code and more.

In case of fires, floods, and other disasters, it’s essential to be able to leave (or enter) the premises as quickly as possible.

The most popular electronic access control systems

  • Keypad-powered electronic door locks

With the input of a pre-defined and shared code, a person can bypass the lock. Various models of locks enable different password lengths as well as some additional commands. They’re probably the most widely used form of electronic lock.

  •  Intercom systems

This type of access is unique because it can’t be controlled by the person entering. The property owner/receptionist/security guard can grant or refuse access. There are options of video intercom or 2-way voice only to determine the identity of the person trying to gain access.

  • Keycards

With a keycard scanner, any authorized person can enter a facility. Each plastic card or fob is encoded so that the scanner may recognize it and trigger the electric impulse. They are the best for offices and large commercial buildings.

  • Iris scanners, fingerprint scanners, and voice detection

These electronic access control methods are by far the most expensive and most advanced. They provide the highest level of security as every person has a different fingerprint, voice, and iris. Therefore, they are used in government facilities and laboratories.

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