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Electronic Commercial Door Locks Benefits

Posted on March 8, 2019

Wireless and mobile electronic commercial door locks have quickly become some of the most popular choices for businesses. The reasons are simple: they’re highly effective and they also save money. For example, what we think of as a “traditional” wired access control system consumes far more power than integrated wireless locksets. In fact, they use as much as 80% more power. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the benefits of these cutting edge, modern locks.

Our Wireless Electronic Commercial Door Locks

One of the best things about these locks is that “wireless” isn’t an exaggeration, it’s the truth. So, you never have to run unsightly wires through your business. That means that the locks can be up and running much faster than previous models. Of course, this makes the entire service less expensive as well. It can also help your general, overall security. Without visible wires, potential intruders won’t have a target that they can dismantle. Wi-Fi locks aren’t just the future, they’re also the present.

More than Just Doors

With these Wi-Fi-enabled locks, you can lock any interior or exterior door on your office. However, you can also lock cabinets, lockers, server cabinets and anything else that needs locking. This can be a great asset for companies with sensitive data centers, expensive retail items, and many other high-value targets. Many of our locks are so strong they’re used in medical centers, where people’s lives are literally on the line. That same level of security can be brought to your place of business.

Centralized Solution

Look over all the different kinds of doors and facilities we’ve mentioned so far in this blog. Now, imagine trying to juggle all of those locks with a set of keys. Those keys would be unwieldy at best. However, with our electronic locks, everything is all in one place. Instead of having to rifle through all kinds of keys to find (and not lose) the right one, everything can all be in one place. Access isn’t restricted to who has the key; instead, it’s restricted to those who use the electronics. This makes it far easier to control.

Audit Trails and More

The days of trying to figure out who had access to what area when are over. These locks make it easy to establish a clear audit trail. We can provide customized solutions to your area. For more information and a free estimate, give us a call at (949) 828-3008.

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