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Avoid Intrusion with our Keyless Door Entry System in Irvine

Posted on May 20, 2019

Businesses need a secure way to keep their doors and entryways protected against intruders and unwelcome visitors. In addition to making sure that all of the business's assets are secure, companies also have a responsibility to their employees which means that they need to get a good security system which limits access to the building, and also allows the owner to view who has come in and out of the building. For more control over who comes into your building, and to provide increased security for your employees and your assets, you might consider a keyless door entry system from Irvine installers.

Moving with technology

The modern world is increasingly moving away from the traditional forms of security, including locks and keys. Instead, the majority of businesses are investing in what is known as 'smart' technology.  Just think about how your business has started to improve security in other ways: while a few years ago you would be satisfied with a single security camera pointed at the entrance, now there are a range of sensors, scanners, CCTV and digital systems that are connected to alarm centers in other parts of Orange County California. Any small movement can be enough to notify security agents that something is happening. If you rely upon technology this much in other parts of your security system, why would you keep relying upon a key? Keyless entry devices allow you the additional protection of keeping an eye on your employees, noting when they enter and leave. This can be important when you are looking at regular lateness or missing days.

Is keyless entry really secure?

When you are thinking about adding to your security, the most important question is whether you can really be secure when you are using smart technology. While no system is completely secure, the best products will help you to improve your current protection and be more of a deterrent to casual thieves and intruders. Staff who are allowed into your building will have an easy way to gain access, and you will be able to make sure that everyone who is there has your permission. It is a simple way to secure your property and ensure that correct privacy protection is in place.

Finding answers with keyless entry

If you have been wondering how to update your company in order to offer better security options to both customers and staff, then a keyless door entry system in your Irvine buildings will be the best option. You can get advice and assistance with any kind of electronic access systems, allowing you complete control over entry into your buildings. We can also supply you with the things you will need alongside your access systems, such as key cards and lanyards so that you won't have to hunt around for the tools you need. Just reach out to us now and we can help you with all your keyless access questions. Just contact us online, or call our team at (949) 828-3008 today.

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