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5 Most Suitable Electric Locks for Offices

Posted on February 8, 2019

Contrary to popular belief, homes are not the only targets of break-ins. Offices contain many valuable files, reports and other items that are of interest to burglars.

To improve the security of the entire facility, you need a good office door lock system. How do you know which ones are most suitable for your needs? Let’s take a look.

  1. Intercom systems

For offices both big and small, intercom systems are the most popular form of electronic door locks. Having an open door at all times is a significant security hazard. With an installed intercom, you can decide who gains access to your building and who does not.

People can identify themselves, whether they are employees or clients, and gain access. Intercoms are best paired with a security guard monitoring the entrance.

If there is a security issue, you can refuse to permit access and easily dispatch guards or call the authorities. It’s best to combine an intercom system with other electric lock types, especially keypads and card scanners.

Employees can use different forms of access, whereas customers can identify themselves via quick voice communication.

  1. Keypads and digital locks

One of the best electronic access control systems is a keypad. It’s perhaps the most natural keyless entry system. Our team can discuss the available codes and set one for an office as per request.

For offices that have a lot of people going in and out, it is recommended to use an illogical but shortcode. If your office is small, a more complex code would be fitting.

  1. Card entry scanner

An electronic security key card system is one of the most popular security choices for companies around the world. It’s by far the quickest form of the entrance to your office, with just one touch of an electronic key card providing access. More important office complexes prefer this form of the electronic door lock, as it removes the need for creating photo ID cards and hiring more security.

Card keys are easy to create and can get replaced if an existing employee has lost theirs. With a video surveillance system, you can additionally determine the identity of the person.

  1. Fingerprint electric lock

This advance office door lock system is used for offices that are at a higher risk of a system to limit access to their facilities strictly.

If you have a lot of clients and visitors coming, a fingerprint lock will slow things down drastically. It’s best if you use this form of lock if you don’t welcome a lot of clients or if your office a lot of sensitive objects, files and other types of information

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