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Secure your business with an electronic key card system in Orange County

Posted on March 13, 2019

The days of using security personnel to guard entryways is a thing of the past as more modern monitoring systems have taken the place of a man in a cap. The most modern style of property protection is electronic locks. These kinds of systems can be used on all types of modern buildings, from offices to factories, commercial properties, and more. They create a defense against intruders and can help you to solve a number of security problems around your buildings. If you are considering installing an electronic key card system in Orange County for your business, here are some more details of this security device.

A modern alternative to the Yale lock

In the past, the most secure form of a lock was the Yale, which had a number of prongs in different directions, making it harder to access the property illegally. Of course, over time criminals learned ways to break down the lock, making them much less secure. Unlike a physical lock, which allows intruders to physically move the prongs within the barrel to open the door, an electric lock requires a specific electronic impulse. No single electric charge will do it, as the system is set to only recognize a particular pattern. If the signal is not present or is incorrect, the door will not open.

Secure all year round

Some people are skeptical that the reader can work in the coldest months. They imagine that the reader will get too cold or even iced up and not see the card, even though it is an impulse, rather than something 'written' on the card. Secondly, they fear that the lock will fail during electrical storms or power cuts. When a cut happens, there are several hours worth of battery within the holder, meaning that the door will not fail during these times. You may decide that you want the door to automatically unlock in this event so that people can come and go as necessary. You have full control over the card system, so you can choose who goes in and out as well as when they do so. Action 1st can come to your location and design an individualized plan for your needs.

Install your key system with us

If you decide that you want to take a step into the modern world with advanced key technology, then start today by letting the experts install your electric key card system in Orange County today. With many years' experience in installing and setting up these systems, we will be able to ensure that they are fitted to your requirements, and will work as you have intended. Don't worry about unusual circumstances, and instead focus upon creating a key holder system that will allow your employees to come into work easily and without unnecessary restriction. To discuss your requirements with our team, or to find out more information about our contactless card systems, send us your questions online today, or call us at (949) 828-3008 now.

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