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Make your system smart and stylish with access control card holders

Posted on March 20, 2019

Keeping control of access to your business is essential if you want to keep turning a profit, and this can be much easier if you use a contactless card system. These types of system are commonly seen in modern businesses, as old systems are replaced for newer, more easily controlled ones. Instead of having a key that can be copied or stolen, many businesses in a variety of industries are opting for keyless access systems. These are far more difficult to break into, plus they can offer multiple levels of access to different people at various times of day, all under your control. Like many business owners, you want something that is sophisticated and smart while allowing employees to access their workplaces easily. In these cases, you need a system that uses access control card holders to keep the place secure.

Employees and key cards

When you give your employee a key card, you are allowing them to enter the building through a particular point. They will usually be given a single card for the entirety of their career with your company so that a single key will allow them to open a number of doors within the building. For example, they could come into the main building using their key, walk to their office through a restricted entrance, and then leave to another building when they go to lunch. The card may have a single unique code which all of the doors recognize, and this allows easy access. However, an employee who has limited access will not be able to go into restricted areas, for example, although the main entrance opens to both cards.

Monitoring your employees

Not only does the card allow your employees to access all of the permitted points, but it also allows you to keep a record of who goes where and when. The system allows HR to keep track of employees, and it is like a register or time stamp that lets you know when workers are not coming in on time or are leaving too early. Attempts to access the restricted areas can also be noted, as this is something that you may need to monitor if you work with classified or confidential information. The keycard also means that if something happens in the building (like a theft), you can use these records to figure out where everyone was. This makes it so much easier to determine who is likely to be responsible for the incident.

Set up contactless access with us

Action 1st is here to provide you with all the devices you need to fully protect your building. We can install card access points, and provide you with enough electronic cards to supply all of the employees who will be access control card holders. Our sleek and stylish range of devices are there to suit any need, and we can help you to pick out the one that best meets the requirements of your business. To find out how we can help you today, and to get contactless access for your business, send us an online message, or call us at (949) 828-3008 now.

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