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Office Door Lock System Advantages

Posted on September 14, 2018

When you run a business, you know what has to be secure: the warehouse has to be secure. The parking area has to be protected. The storefront, the retail area, wherever the inventory is kept – these all have to be secured. That being said, many store owners overlook getting the right kind of security for their Orange County office. That’s one of the most important places to protect, as it can face unique threats that some of those other critical resource areas may not. In this blog, we’ll cover the different kinds of office door lock system advantages that we offer. We’ll also mix in how these locks might be able to fit your exact office.

An Office Door Lock System for Small Offices

What constitutes a “small office” has changed. In the recent past, a “small office” might have been five to six people. Now, with so many having a second gig or part time job, a small office can be even smaller than that. However, we’ve often found in our line of work that the smaller the office, the more critical the security. A large company can survive a break in or theft better than one that’s just getting started can. That’s why we offer so many different office lock solutions. We know that not every company has that much to spend on a security package. So, we make sure to have locks that can fit any size budget. If you give us a call, we can sit down with you and find the right kind of locks for your office.

Office Locks for Control

No matter the size of your office, you need to be able to control who can come into it. Moreover, you have to be able to control when they can come into your office, too. That’s what our locks are designed to be able to do. We don’t believe that business owners have to be tethered to keys anymore. Keys are bulky; both physically and in terms of who they let in. Keys aren’t discerning: whoever has a key can get in whenever they want. You can’t program a key to keep someone out when you really want them to stay out. Beyond that, you can’t press a few buttons on a padlock to make sure it keeps out contractors or vendors during a sensitive period (or when you just don’t want them there). Our office lock solutions are designed to provide just that kind of functionality.

Let Them in When You Want

Instead of having to worry about giving someone a key to get into your office, with our keyless entry system for business, all you have to do is press a button to let someone in. Set the time they’re allowed to be let in, and a time they aren’t allowed to be let in anymore, press the button and you’re done. Your security is set. This way, you’ll be letting people into your office on your terms. Unsure about who’s coming in and when they’re doing so? With another press of a button, you can generate a full, comprehensive report. It will have all the times when people came and went. This can be invaluable when putting together payroll, timecards, and other time-dependent research about people in your office.

Turn Over Turnover

Turnover can be a struggle for offices of all sizes. Employees come and go. You do your best to bring employees in but not everyone is the best fit for every situation. On top of that, many employees are now contractors and temps. They aren’t supposed to be working at your office for long. So, you need office door lock security solutions that are responsive to this. That’s exactly what our keyless locks can be. Now, when someone leaves (whether they do it calmly, in a huff, or worse) you don’t have to worry that they’re going to sneak back in and take something (or do something) they shouldn’t. Instead, you just have to press those buttons again to keep them out. With our solutions, turnover is so much easier for any size business to turn over to the next employee.

Every office faces different challenges. Security is unique to every company. The right keyless lock for one office could be completely wrong for the next. We understand that you got an office to succeed in your business; not to figure out the appropriate kind of lock system for that office. This is where we can help. When you want to improve your security, give us a call at (949) 828-3008. We’ll go over all of our different keyless entry lock solutions with you. Then, we’ll give you the pros and cons of each. From there, we’ll figure out the right solution for your office together. For more info, check out our site, too.

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