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A Keyless Entry System for Business

Posted on September 7, 2018

We have a keyless entry system for business, no matter what kind of business you’re in. Our keyless entry systems can be made to fit any kind of business. Instead of key locks, which give you limited options and functionality, our keyless entry systems can be molded to fit a variety of tenants, stores, buildings and more. Instead of having to adapt your policies to a lock with a key, you can mold our keyless entry system to fit your installation. In the below blog, we’ll go over some particular situations where our keyless entry systems can be most beneficial.

Our Keyless Entry System for Business

You’ll notice that we’ve mentioned an “entry system for business” but didn’t specify the business. There’s a reason for that. Our keyless entry systems can work for so many different kinds of commercial enterprises. We have many different clients in many different industries. From enormous, famous shopping malls with hundreds of stores and even an indoor amusement park to a small business office space that’s just getting started, we provide adaptable security solutions. The truth is that no matter what industry you’re in, goods or services you offer, you have to have adequate security. That’s what our entry systems are built to provide.

Keyless Entry System for Temp Access

Have you ever had a contractor or vendor coming to your property and had to figure out a way to let them in? If you have a lock with a key, this can be an enormous headache. Someone from your business has to be there to let them in. Or, if no one from your business can be there, you have to arrange your schedule just to let someone in. Of course, that cuts into your own time that you could better spend doing literally anything other than opening a door. Beyond this, the solutions get even more disheartening: having a neighbor let them in, telling a contractor or vendor where you keep a secret key, hiring someone for the day to let them in, and worse. We aimed to put a stop to this kind of foolishness.

A Better Solution for Access

With a keyless entry system, you can let anyone into your business whenever you want. If you have a keypad, all you have to do is make a code for the contractor or vendor. Then, tell them the code. That’s it. You can go about your day, free of the burden of having to let someone in at a specific time. Of course, that doesn’t mean that the contractor or vendor will have unlimited access to your building. It actually means the opposite: you can control when they’re able to get in. We make it easy to set “day codes.” Those are exactly what they sound like: codes that let a person in for just one day. You can do that as much as you like. Instead of focusing on letting people in, you can put your focus where it belongs: on your business.

Turnover Solutions

In today’s fast paced and modern economy, turnover is rampant. Maybe your Orange County company is growing and adding many different employees. Perhaps you have an enormous business that has so many people coming and going. When you have many different people coming through your establishment, you need security solutions that can meet that need. Part of “meeting that need” is that your security solutions have to be able to stand tall when new employees are let go or move on to pursue other opportunities as well. The last thing any business needs these days is a disgruntled ex-employee to come in when they’re not supposed to and take info or items best left alone. Again, we provide a solution here as well.

Instead of being at the mercy of an angry employee with a key and a grudge, turn to our keyless entry systems. Now, with just the press of a button or two, you can lock someone out for good when it’s their time to leave. No awkward turning a key back in, no having to tell security personnel to be on the lookout for someone who may have a key, and perhaps best of all: no having to change all of the locks because you let an employee go. With our keyless entry locks, owners are always in control.

Keypads are just one of the many different kinds of keyless entry locks that we offer. Fingerprint scans are effective, unique and very secure. Many of our clients are now turning to biometric solutions, which are the next step past fingerprint scans. Now, you can open a door with your voice, DNA, and so many other kinds of attributes no one forgets at home. For more info, head to our site or call us at (949) 828-3008.

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