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The Best Keyless Entry System

Posted on September 28, 2018

There’s a lot that goes into calling a keyless entry system the “best keyless entry system.” We believe our keyless entry system absolutely stacks up very well against keyless entry systems that you could find elsewhere. We built our keyless entry system to have the absolute best traits of the other keyless entry systems on the market. That way, our keyless entry system could be seen as the best of all worlds, all of the positive attributes with none of the negatives. In this blog, we’ll cover what goes into our keyless entry system and how it’s set apart from the rest.

Our Best Keyless Entry System

No one wants to have to carry keys. They’re bulky, they’re cumbersome, eventually someone’s going to lose them, they aren’t easy to keep track of, and if you carry them in your pocket, eventually they’ll dig into your side. We made our keyless entry system to replace key locks. Additionally, these keyless entry systems are designed to provide more security as well as more convenience. Instead of worrying about your security, a keyless entry door system can be just the thing to assuage your fears. So many of our clients that we’ve spoken to tell us unbidden about how a keyless entry system improved their peace of mind.

How it Works

You might be thinking: “OK, so a keyless entry system doesn’t use a key. How does it open?” The answer is: “in many different ways.” We offer many keyless options. That way, our clients can find one that perfectly fits their location, situation, personnel and more. For example, many of our keyless locks use a keypad. When people come into the building, they just have to type a personal identification number into the keypad. This particular kind of lock puts the owner in control by allowing them to pick a number for people when they want them to have access. If you have someone dropping by with a delivery, you can pick a time when you want them to have access. By that same token, they won’t have access would you prefer they were unable to get in.

More Lock Opening Methods

When you have a lock that opens with a key, you can’t really control who can get in when. Sure, you can suggest times that a person has access, but you can’t control it. You can’t program the lock to reject the key or vice versa. That’s what our keyless entry system allows for you. You can choose when you want someone to be able to get in and when you don’t want them to. Another method that allows you to do this is with our keyless card reader. This works exactly like it sounds like: you give out cards that get access at different times. You choose when you want the cards to work and when you don’t want them to. That way, you’re forever in control of who’s in your building and when.

Fingerprint and Biometric

We’ve all seen fingerprint locks in movies for several years. These locks are just as hard to beat as you’ve always been lead to believe they are. As with all of our keyless entry locks, you are in charge of who has access. You maintain that access, too. Say that you have a tenant in your building that you want to restrict their access once they’re gone. Good luck doing that if they have a key. If you’re still using a key for the lock, then you have to change the locks. This can cost you extra money, when all you wanted to do was get rid of a client. Now, with our keyless entry system, all you have to do is press a few buttons. With this, you’re always in control.

“Biometric Access Control” is even more “space age” than the fingerprint lock. These locks identify people by their traits and characteristics.  That means that they can measure your DNA, your voice, and so much more. These locks are as specific to a person as possible. Even if you’re at your most hoarse, you aren’t going to lose your voice at home. You won’t forget to bring your DNA with you, as you might with a keycard (or even forget a personal identification number). These locks are as secure as can be.

Really, all of our keyless entry systems can keep your building and anyone (or anything) in it secure. Different clients are going to need different solutions. We take great pride in matching our customers with a lock solution that works for them and their building. Give us a call at (949) 828-3008. We’ll go over all the different ways that our locks can help. Alternately, for more information you could go through our keyless entry system website.

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